Plein Air Smackdown

Recently, PleinAir Today detailed a vibrant invitational exhibition at Groveland Gallery in Minneapolis that was organized in conjunction with this past weekend’s “Plein Air Smackdown.” Even with scattered showers skirting the area, artists ventured out to paint, eventually enjoying laughs, libations, and sales.

Hai-Ou in Easton

Fresh off her successful run at Plein Air Easton, talented painter Hai-Ou Hou returns to South Street Art Gallery this fall for a vibrant solo exhibition “Seeing the West Through Eastern Eyes.” More just a click away!


Prolific painter Douglas Fryer and Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, recently announced the dates for an upcoming solo exhibition of the artist’s work. Titled “Transformations,” this new body of work showcases the Utah artist’s evolving aesthetic.

Alpine, Utah, Is Glowing

Cad Yellow Fine Art in the beautiful town of Alpine, Utah, is glowing with the brilliant works captured from the worldwide travels of this well-known painter.

The Island Life

Well-known painter Mark Fehlman has been heating up Debra Huse Gallery in Newport Beach, California, this July with demos and a solo exhibition that evokes “the island life.” I can hear the steel drums from here!

Hudson’s Atmospheric Impressions

PleinAir Salon Grand Prize winner Kathleen B. Hudson has a stellar solo exhibition of her newest oils on view now at the Artists’ Attic in Lexington, Kentucky! Will you be one of the lucky viewers?

65 Years of Painting

As part of its Artist Lecture Series, the Seven Bridges Foundation in Greenwich, Connecticut, will soon be hosting one of America’s leading figure, portrait, and still life painters and one of the world’s most renowned pastelists. He has perfected his craft for over 65 years, and you don’t want to miss hearing him detail his artistic odyssey.

America at Heart

A beautiful array of fresh landscape paintings by this female master is hanging through August 1 in an esteemed Colorado gallery. Will you be a lucky viewer?

Santillanes Splendor

Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery in Crested Butte, Colorado, is excited to open a brief but significant exhibition of recent works by acclaimed painter Dave Santillanes. He is a master of capturing the essence and a landscape with brilliant luminance — you don’t want to miss it! The dates?

EXHIBITION: Summer Salon

Collins Galleries in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, will soon be opening its annual summer salon with an outstanding display of still life, landscape, portraiture, and more from many of the biggest names in the art world today. Find out who and when here!

16th Annual California Landscape Exhibition

California landscape — especially en plein air — never gets old because the state is filled with an infinite variety of breathtaking views. For 16 years, collectors and enthusiasts have always eagerly awaited this fantastic exhibition.

Edgar’s Plein Air Travels

For this artist’s first ever solo exhibition in a public gallery, we’d say it’s pretty impressive. Your thoughts?

Buchs at the “Big Brown Barn”

Founding member of the Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association and talented painter Thomas Buchs currently has his luminous plein air works on view at the “Big Brown Barn.” With a name like that, how could you miss it?!

From Monterey to La Jolla

Although she is known for her impressionistic depictions of rural landscapes, contemporary painter Erin Hanson has amassed a stunning collection of sweeping coastal vistas from Monterey to La Jolla, California, for this special exhibition.

Moving On…

Being an artist is an epic journey — an odyssey, if you will. It involves exploration, experimentation, and evolution. Artist Bill Sawczuk has just mounted a great exhibition that explores how he evolves —and it deserves your attention. Where can you view it?

Light Chasers

Fifteen top plein air painters have been invited to create original works of art that will then be exhibited and sold here between July 2 and 6. Who are they, and where?


We often hear about the myriad sources of inspiration for artists. Often, it’s nature, other times an abandoned alley, or a snapshot moment when the light hits your subject’s face at just the right angle. What about dreams?

Prizes at Penn Valley Park

Penn Valley Park contains many of Kansas City’s most iconic monuments and memorials, which presented many outdoor painters with delightful subjects to represent during the 2017 Plein Air Kansas City, held May 5-13. Which artists were victorious? Find out here.

The Arctic in Tucson

The arctic has made its way to Arizona this month, but only in brilliant artistic form as Cory Trépanier’s “Into the Arctic” recently opened at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

What Do Montana ‘Urbanscapes’ Look Like?

One wouldn’t immediately put those two together: “urban” and “Montana.” However, a group of extremely talented painters took on the task for a spectacular exhibition that recently opened at Legacy Gallery. Will you recognize the names?

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