PleinAir Stage Fright

A welcome wind was grazing my face on a blisteringly hot summer day as I began to scout out my perfect plein air spot for the day. Most importantly, however, it was away from everyone — in a spot so remote that there was no chance anyone would walk by.

Ever Wish You Could ‘Undo’ Part of a Painting?

Paintings often have two lives for Andrew Theophilopoulos, thanks to his skills as a digital artist and his love of oil painting.

EXHIBITION: Ron Donoughe’s Allegheny Mtns Paintings, in PA

Through June 10, the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, in Altoona, PA, is hosting "Labor and Landscape: 100 Paintings of the Allegheny Mountain Region by Ron Donoughe.

Giant New Zealand Mosquitoes?

A travelogue about the recent Publisher’s Invitational Painters’ Trip to New Zealand, by Eric Rhoads of PleinAir Magazine   They say everything is big in Texas. Does...

Are These Strawberries Red?

Three top-notch artists who are fascinated with color theory commented on some gray strawberries, and PleinAir Today wrote it all down.

My Favorite Place to Paint: Julie Riker and What’s ‘So Darn Cute’

Julie Riker loves the beach, and has been going there for years. But when she goes, she doesn’t paint the beach — she paints the beach town and the marshes. Why?

The How of Clouds and Sky

What did we see when we looked at the submissions to the Winter Sky Challenge? Two things.

Devoting Oneself to Plein Air Later in Life

Developing a passionate interest in plein air painting can happen at any point in an artist's career; the necessary skills can be learned and...

Maui Invitational Commissions a Classical Music Piece

Twenty-six lucky artists will be spending late February in Hawaii painting in one of the plein air circuit’s most tempting events. The organizers of the Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational just made it more interesting with a commissioned piece for the area youth orchestra.

OPPORTUNITY: Plan Now for Big Urban Sketcher Event in Chicago

Artists from all over the world will gather in Chicago in July for the 8th International Urban Sketchers Symposium.

What’s Cooking at PAM?

The next issue of PleinAir magazine is on the way, and here are some highlights to inspire you.
Having a great time during the 2016 Publisher’s Invitational in the Adirondack Mountains. Left to right: S. Pamela Reese, Nancy Howell, Brady Rhoads, Eric Rhoads, Susan Jositas, Michelle Byrne.

The Movement That Is Changing The Art World

Early on, plein air pioneers in Europe broke new ground, among them great painters like Constable, Corot, and later, Monet and friends. In America, the...

Parting Shot: It Takes a Village (or, Autumn in New York)

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - Salmagundi Club members and their painting friends recently gathered in New York City’s Greenwich Village to paint...

Cuba in Chicago

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - Nancie King Mertz was part of the 100-artist contingent that went to Cuba in February as part...

NEW! PleinAir Podcast: Episode 1 – Interview with painter Matt Smith

Publisher Eric Rhoads has interviewed artist Matt Smith in this week's new PleinAir Podcast. Smith touches on life as a painter, his career and...

Strength (and Fun) in Numbers

In Port Clyde, Maine, an artist has put together a yearly summer getaway for painting friends that seems to be reaching critical mass. How...

Back Issues

Plein Air Magazine Spring 2011 Inaugural Edition is now available for purchase as a back issue. The cost is $8.95 which ...


The History of Plein Air Painting Before the 19th century, landscape painting was used as the ...

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