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There's no better way to learn about the process of painting than by watching and doing, and the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) offers many opportunities for participants to do that. There will be demonstrations galore, plus painters working in the field. But on Monday, April 13, before PACE really picks up the pace, those arriving first thing will get a full day of crucial information and advice. Like what? 

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Each year, PleinAir magazine gives $21,000 to artists through the PleinAir Salon. The last chance this year for artists to enter is mere days away, but past winners aver that the money is the least of what they get from winning in the Salon. 

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The Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association seems to be bucking some trends currently popular in plein air groups, and the underlying cause is a dedication to fostering the development of all of its members, regardless of their skill level. How are they doing this? 

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Baltimore painter and PleinAir Salon Grand Prize winner Stewart White tells us what he does in the winter to keep himself sharp and ready for the plein air season. It's about an interesting twist on the exercise of copying the Masters. 

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Two events with nearing deadlines warrant the attention of artists -- one in California, the other in Richmond, Virginia.

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We'll occasionally showcase new and notable instructors at the Plein Air Convention & Expo, starting with a person who was a ceaseless advocate for a stronger watercolor presence at PACE: Baltimore artist Stewart White.

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Hai-Ou Hou has racked up a lot of awards in plein air competitions, including prizes in prestigious events such as Plein Air -- Easton!, Paint Annapolis, the Sedona Plein Air Festival, and the OPA Annual Juried Exhibition. But when New Year's Day rolled around, she wanted to stay home.

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Some people see a hole in the ground. Stewart White sees the fascinating world of people at work, big machines doing mighty things, and the play of light on a subject that acts as a great showcase for it.

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A First Place award can make an artist feel good, and it looks good on a resume. But it's even better when an internationally known painter judged the competition.
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At the 2nd annual Plein Air Richmond event last week, participants painted a mere two hours in the Fast and Fresh quick draw competition, with the paintings sold right off the easel to benefit the Richmond Symphony. The juror for the show was PleinAir magazine editor Steve Doherty. The winners were a diverse group.

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