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In this new series of articles, Utah artist J. Brad Holt talks about what artists are seeing as they look at the landscape. Holt studied geology in college and is attentive to what the rocks suggest in the scenes he paints. 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012 12:38

Eric Rhoads Reviews The Painter's Watch

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Publisher Eric Rhoads wanted to find out if the claims of a watch for painters can hold up. Can a watch tell you how much sunlight you have left or when the tides will be coming in? Read his review here.
Tuesday, 08 March 2011 10:22

Testimonials from our readers

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"Sound the trumpets!  Plein air painting has its magazine back. And not just back but a concerted creative relaunch: the new Plein Air Magazine is bigger (love the coffee table art book size) and broader in the magazine's range of in-depth articles into the psyches of artists we admire, with insightful coverage of current, historical and future events. Plein Air is positioned to be the leader to chronicle the "painting from life movement" and profoundly effect the scope and acceptance of representational art today." - Cathy and Emily Dietrich, artist/owners of RayMarArt, Inc, manufacturers and avid readers

"We just received the first issue of PleinAir™ magazine. Wow! It’s beautiful, It’s thick, it’s juicy, and it’s well written. I keep reading my article over and over. It is superb. I can’t thank you enough." - Peter Adams, President of the California Art Club

"Thank you for PleinAir™ magazine once again. It is a work of art." - Michelle Richeson from Kimberly, Wisconsin

"I cannot express in words how much I appreciate the "Plein Air" publication. This is very much a part of the life style of both my wife, Nancy and myself. Thanks much." - Jack Hampton

"Congratulations!  I just received PleinAir™ magazine and it looks stunning.  This will be a huge asset to our business;  a chance to champion so many wonderful artists across the country.  I was happy to see Kim Lordier featured.  She is a hardworking, thoughtful, and generous artist. The whole magazine is a tribute to you and Eric...  Bravo!!!" - Robin Knowlton of the Knowlton Gallery in Lodi, California

"I have just paged through the electronic edition of Plein Air™ and wanted to congratulate you on a great looking publication. I am impressed with the added features in the electronic edition, especially the videos and the articles about historically important painters. Thanks for including some watercolor artist. I hope to see more in the future." Laurin McCracken of AWS NWS in Fort Worth, Texas

"Thank you so much for heeding the words of people like me and resurrecting PleinAir Magazine. It is so great and such an inspiration, I can see myself reading each issue more than several times. This is one magazine that I plan on keeping in my library for future reference.

The convention planned for next year, looks like it will be quite an event. I am very excited about that and am already working on a plan to to attend. I'm not sure if you realize just how much this has energized so many people. Everyone I know who has received their issues has been almost reborn with their art in the sense that they feel compelled to work harder, look longer, try the more difficult composition and generally put themselves to the test. It is very inspiring and I must say the writing has left me feeling like I know these artists.
Thank you once again for a job well done, and I can't wait to see the next issue." - Krystal Allen

"If it is possible to salivate over a magazine, I do it over PleinAir. Thank you for helping to resurrect this wonderful magazine and making  it as luscious as it used to be. I will remain a life-long fan and reader. Thank you also for including Kim Lordier in the first issue, who I think is a wonderful artist. I found the first issue to be a nice mix of well-known and somewhat lesser-known artists, the articles informative and inspiring. Keep up the good work!" - Melody Sears from Hillsboro, NM

"I just read the first copy of PleinAir Magazine... outstanding! You have a winner on your hands. I was talking with my Wed. night painting group and several people said how happy they were that you brought the magazine back. It fills a unique niche." - Bill

"I just wanted yall to know how excited a group of artists was with the relaunch of PleinAir. I was teaching a workshop when several brought in copies and all fifteen students were delighted and were passing them around. Thanks so much, and continued success." - Bill D.

"Want to let you know how wonderful the first Plein Air issue is. By far the best magazine issue I have. You're changing the art world for the better. Thanks for bringing this magazine back." - Lori

"As one of Plein Air Magazine's original subscribers and one who voiced disappointment about the change to Fine Art Conoisseur, I want to thank you from the bottom of my pochade box for reviving Plein Air Magazine. It's better than ever!As one of Plein Air Magazine's original subscribers and one who voiced disappointment about the change to Fine Art Conoisseur, I want to thank you from the bottom of my pochade box for reviving Plein Air Magazine. It's better than ever!" - M.R. from Lincoln, CA

"I have the magazine in my hand...LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next the people pictures, studios...everything!!!!!! and I don't even paint Plein Air!!!!!!" - P.D.

"Just got our copy of Plein Air Magazine! Big Thumbs up for Eric RhoadsSteve Doherty and everyone involved in it's production!" - RayMar Art

"I love it! Excellent production values, great line-up of articles. I'm going to sit down this evening and start reading." - Michael Chesley Johnson

"Thank you, thank you for bringing Plein Air magazine back.  It has been missed.  It is refreshing to see the new format with the focus on the art form.  I hope that you will continue to focus on the artists, those of us who paint plein air year round and are dedicated to the movement.  The inclusion of the various vendors  and suppliers is a great addition and I hope you will include more in the future.  I have always enjoyed the historic aspect of the Plein Air magazine and look forward to more inspiring articles and historic photographs of the pioneers of this art form.  Thank you also for your continued support of the various plein air events throughout the country.  Paint on in the open air." - G.Y in Colorado
Monday, 07 March 2011 11:03

PleinAir Magazine Receiving Rave Reviews

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Thanks to the people all around the country who have sent their positive feedback on the new magazine.  Give us your feedback in the comments section below.

 - Eric Rhoads, Publisher

This one is my favorite comments…



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