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2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Artists

This list has it all: gorgeous frames, beautiful paints, and even a cute art-themed ornament!

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Mike Bonar at the Plein Air Convention & Expo, after winning a trip to New Zealand

One Spin…Trip of a Lifetime

"What a full-on adrenaline rush." Mike Bonar on winning the New Zealand painting trip on the PACE prize wheel, and his reflections on this trip of a lifetime.

“Phototaxis” Takes First Place

Rose Frantzen has revealed her selections for this round of the PleinAir Salon.
Plein Air Podcast 230: CW Mundy (Part 1) on Impressionism + Pop Art, and more

Plein Air Podcast 230: CW Mundy (Part 1) on Impressionism + Pop Art, and...

The Plein Air Podcast has been named the #1 Painting Podcast by FeedSpot for two years in a row. In this episode, Eric Rhoads interviews...
Plein air painting events

Your Plein Air Painting Events Guide for December 2022

Take advantage of these in-person and virtual plein air painting opportunities from our special guide!

Featured Artwork

how to paint with watercolor

Watercolor Tip: How to Make Splatters with a Paintbrush

"Many people use a toothbrush, but a toothbrush makes the spatters too even for me," says Richard Sneary. Here's his quick tip on how to make natural-looking marks with watercolor.
Painting Art - Carl Bretzke, “Yacht Club View,” oil on linen, 12 x 16 in., private collection

How Much Do You Want It?

"Why do you think experienced painters don’t often question their ability to paint? With every failed painting, most of us do."
Plein air watercolor - "Sandstone Ranch" by Buffalo Kaplinski

Buffalo Kaplinski: “I Just About Fainted”

Plein air watercolor painter Buffalo Kaplinski shares a special moment from the 25th Plein Air Artists of Colorado event.
Plein Air Podcast - Eric Rhoads - Kami Mendlik

Plein Air Podcast 229: Kami Mendlik on Painting, Teaching, and More

In this episode, Eric Rhoads interviews Minnesota superstar Kami Mendlik. Listen as they discuss the importance of working from life samples; explanations of the value scale and how it works; and so much more.
Watercolor artist Jansen Chow

Watercolor Success From Malaysia to the US

The following part of a series featuring a leader in the art community who will be joining us on the faculty of Watercolor Live,
Plein air painting

Demo: Establishing a Strong Underpainting

Check out a short and simple landscape painting demo that focuses on the underpainting part of the process.
In this episode, Eric Rhoads interviews Thomas Bucci. Listen and watch as they discuss art inspiration and careers, and much more.
Sue Ginter, plein air painting

How I Sold My First Painting

My goal was achieved because of persistence in the face of several obstacles, including ...

We Say Goodbye to Steve Doherty

We honor the life of Steve Doherty, artist and former Editor of PleinAir Magazine and American Artist Magazine.
Star Valley plein air 2022

A Plein Air Competition in a Painter’s Paradise

I hadn’t thought of this pristine valley as an art destination...but then a painting buddy told me they were about to hold their first-ever ...
Have just a moment? Check out this quick tip from Iain Stewart on how to make the most of your next art workshop!

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  1. Plein Air Podcast 230: CW Mundy (Part 1) on Impressionism + Pop Art, and more