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Kathleen Hudson gives a demon on how to paint moving water

In Deep Water

Don't find yourself in deep water when it comes to painting elements like rivers and streams. In this Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, Kathleen Hudson takes us through a demo on how to paint moving water.

Salon Winner Discusses His Array of Tools

Mark Boedges brings years of work and a honed selection of equipment with him to paint outdoors. Like what?
Eric Rhoads with Michael Holter

Bring on the Backlight

In this episode of Art School Live, Eric Rhoads welcomes Michael Holter to the show! Michael is on the faculty of the 2nd Annual Watercolor Live virtual art conference; in this interview he demos a stunning backlit landscape.

Featured Artwork

George Gallo, "Stream at New Hope," 38 x 50 inches, Oil on canvas

George Gallo on Finding Your Own Voice as an Artist

Need art inspiration? Start here > learn what the masters had in common, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your art, and more.
Watercolor paintings - Chien Chung-Wei, "Moscow at Dusk," 2016, 27 x 36 cm

Masterpieces of Immortal Value

Chien Chung Wei, who is on the Watercolor Live 2022 faculty, shares his inspiring way of pursuing art.
How to paint with white - "Winter in the Alley" by Kyle Buckland

Quick Tip: Whipping Up Your White

Kyle Buckland shares a helpful technique that has been practiced by some of the greatest landscape painters. 
How artist Jim Wodark redesigns the landscape to create stunning compositions.
Painting Outdoors

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Cory Trépanier

Cory’s adventurous and generous spirit shone brightly, and his legacy will forever continue in the hearts of all who knew him and his work.
Just for fun - art life

My Artist Spirit Guide Is …

Just for fun! Who is your artist spirit guide? Check this "guide," and then tell us!
Sarah Baptist, painting en plein air

The Rhythm of Urban Scenes

In pursuit of a blend of drawing and painting, this Delaware artist depicts the abstract strength in back alleys, side streets, and intersections.
An artist shares her favorite place to paint, which has gone from being a mining town to a tourist destination. Can you guess where?
Franz Bischoff, "A Cool Fog Drifting," 1924, oil on canvas

Gifted: Collecting the Art of California

The exhibition chronicles the history of a lesson in art appreciation for a SoCal high school that would mature into "one of the most outstanding collections of early California Impressionism in the nation."
Plein air art events - Artist Group Photo at the Cleere Ranch

Texas Plein Air Event Breaks the Record in 2021

Something magical happened when 31 award-winning artists rode in from 16 states and saddled-up with their easels to paint on 14 private ranches in West Texas.
Mark Cleveland, "Stuck at the Light: Heart o’ Chicago," Oil, 12 x 12 in.

Chicago For Real

From neighborhood landmarks to well-trod park paths to unnamed alleys, each of these paintings has a familiar feeling of Chicago.
Just for fun! Use predictive text to finish the sentence, and then share your answer with us by ...


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