Pacific Gold

There’s surely no other way to describe these fantastic coastal plein air views currently on view at the Redfern Gallery in Laguna Beach, California. Who created them?

A Wonderful Project Wraps Up

In August, PleinAir Today detailed a magnetic project titled #PaintItForward by watercolorist Dan Mondloch that earned major praise among our readership! After 50 paintings created, Mondloch is poised for a fantastic conclusion in Minnesota. Details here.

Victorious at Ohio Plein Air

The 14th Annual Ohio Plein Air Competition recently wrapped up in Bay Village, Ohio, where more than 50 artists competed for the eye of judges Dawn Whitelaw and Robin Roberts.

‘The Wild Side’

On October 22, the Catalina Island Conservancy will host the Seventh Annual “Catalina: The Wild Side Art Show” featuring the works of 10 nationally recognized plein air artists!

EXHIBITION: Jivan Lee and Others at William Havu

Accomplished painters Jivan Lee, Lynn Boggess, and Lui Ferreyra along with sculptor Nancy Lovendahl recently opened a great exhibition at Denver’s William Havu Gallery, to much anticipation. It’s filled with energy, passion, color, and texture, and you’ll unquestionably want to catch a viewing soon.

Apostles of the Canyon

Eleven artists — among them some of the most accomplished plein air painters in the nation — recently took a rugged trip down the Colorado River and into the Grand Canyon in 2015. After blood, sweat, some tears, and a broken foot, their spectacular results will soon grace the walls of this gallery.

“The Art of Exploration”

You’ve got until December 10 to take a fantastic creative journey with artist Neil Rizos during his latest solo exhibition, featuring bronzes, paintings, drawings, pastels, etchings, and more!

Journaling Mood and Space

The watercolors of Christopher St. Leger follow the tradition of illustrated journals as the artist explores themes of mood, place, and impermanence. Where can you see his latest?

The Peter and Gail Ochs Collection

This California Institution recently announced that they will soon be showing a stellar selection of 25 major California Impressionist works from the prominent collection of Peter and Gail Ochs.

Fleeting Moments with Iris Sabe

Benicia Plein Air Gallery in California is proudly hosting a new solo exhibition of recent works by their October Featured Artist.

Splendor in the Southeast

The Plein-Air Painters of the Southeast are presenting a beautiful array of works at the Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts in Valdosta, Georgia, this fall. Whose works can you expect to see?

From Dusk ‘till Dawn

Just a few more weeks remain until this brilliant exhibition of masterful nocturnes dismounts from the walls of the Irvine Museum.

Midland Magic

Creative 360’s gallery in Midland, Michigan, is the proud host of a magnetic exhibition featuring 125 beautiful paintings of the farms and fields of Midland County.

Five Women, Five Views

The New Braunfels Art League in Texas recently opened a fantastic fall show featuring the works of five talented women that’s sure to delight viewers.

Industry and Plein Air in America

Works by 30 of the most accomplished artists from the Plein Air Painters of America have been curated into a breathtaking exhibition that focuses on urban sprawl and industrial blight.  Any fan of fine art or plein air brilliant can’t miss this!

How the Seasons Change

More than 40 works compose an upcoming exhibition of Eurasian plein air brilliance at this Western gallery.  Who’s the artist and where? 

Brandywine and PWCS Converge!

Collectors, connoisseurs, and plein air enthusiasts definitely need to hear about the amazing partnership between the Brandywine River Museum of Art and the Philadelphia Water Color Society (PWCS) that resulted in this...

This Was “Her Paris,” Too

A remarkable exhibition of more than 80 Impressionist paintings by leading women from Paris to America will soon be opening at this renowned Western institution. What’s the story?

A Connection Since 14

Since her early teens, this prolific painter has felt an intimate connection with the landscape, and her love for it surfaces brilliantly in each of her canvases.

PAC6 Perfection

The PAC6 painters are poised to mount another great plein air exhibition this fall at Hillside Fine Art in Claremont, California. What locations will their canvases beautifully reveal, and when does the show open? Find out here.

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