Tips for Artists

From color to composition, to dealing with the elements, learn from the community of plein air painters with these tips for painting outdoors!

You Have Your Color Study … Now What?

In this episode of Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, Gavin Glakas shares a demo on how to detail a plein air color study. Don't miss it!
Plein air landscape by Ken Auster

No Jumping!

In this painting tip of the day, learn why you shouldn't "jump around," for yourself and those viewing your painting.
how to paint with pastels

Secrets of Painting a Nighttime Look

An award-winning artist, Nancie King Mertz has spent her lifetime painting in oil and pastel. Now, join Eric Rhoads with Nancie on this episode of Art School Live!
Jane Hunt painting en plein air

Surprising Things 7 Pro Painters Do

Over the years, we have shared plenty of traditional tips for painting outdoors, such as how to develop the right composition when there’s a...
Jim Wodark, "Spring Trail," 2019, oil, 6 x 12 in. Collection the artist Plein air

Free Landscape Painting Demo: Establishing Value and Design at the Start

In this landscape painting demo, Jim Wodark walks you through how to paint a beautiful landscape, starting with a thumbnail sketch and ...
How to start a plein air group

The Challenges of Starting a Plein Air Group

In a recent newsletter, we shared advice on how to start a plein air group; but with anything that’s worth doing, challenges are to be ...
How to start a plein air group

How to Start a Plein Air Group, Part 1

We often hear of successful plein air painting societies and associations, but what if you don’t live ...
Lori McNee uses water-mixable oils

Q&A: How to Use Water-Mixable Oils

In this excerpt from Plein Air Magazine, Lori McNee ("Luminous Landscape Painting" on PaintTube.TV) answers four reader questions about how to use water-mixable oils.
Landscape painting by Bill Davidson

Glow, Energy, Texture: How to Paint Landscapes Step by Step Demo

How to Paint Landscapes > Learn how to quickly accomplish a glowing, magical atmosphere in paintings with this free step-by-step demo from Bill Davidson ("How to Paint Glowing Landscapes" on PaintTube.TV).
7 Tips for Improving a Landscape Painting Composition

7 Tips for Improving a Landscape Painting Composition

In this free article, score Dan Marshall's tips, plus three case studies on landscape painting composition.

What to Know About Painting Snow

Eight top artists help break down the important elements to capturing snow-covered landscapes in pastel and oil.
Eric Rhoads during "Plein Air Gear" on Beginner's Day

How to Fly with Art Supplies

Artists have many questions when it comes to traveling with art supplies - we have your answers.
Artist Joseph McGurl painting en plein air

Joseph McGurl: You Know You’re An Artist When …

Joseph McGurl shares five secret practices that might seem off-the-wall to others, but have become completely normal for him.
Plein air painting in Chicago

Plein Air Painting and Personal Safety

This could save your life > Get expert tips from a Chicago artist on how plein air painters can be safe while painting outdoors in public spaces.
Finding the perfect place to paint

3 Considerations for Finding the Perfect Place to Paint

A plein air painter shares her quick and dirty tips for finding the perfect place to paint, above ground or below!
Backpacks for plein air painting

The Best Backpacks for Plein Air Painting

There are as many backpack brands and styles as there are colors in the western sunset, so what’s the best backpack for artists who paint en plein air? We asked, and you answered! (Bonus: Watch a free video from Eric Rhoads on how to pack a light plein air backpack.)
Larry Cannon, “Malibu Thunder” 16 x 20 in., watercolor on paper

2 Quick Tips: No-Frills Advice for Landscape Painters

"You will learn far more from your failures than you will from your successes. You will always remember ..."
Gene Costanza painting on location

5 Quick and Dirty Tips for Artists

Plein air painter Gene Costanza shares his five quick tips for artists on composition, color, and more.
How to paint landscapes

7 Ways to Handle Details in a Mood Painting

What details should go in and how should you paint them? What should be left out? John MacDonald shares his expert suggestions.
How to paint landscapes

How to Paint Landscapes: A Q&A with Kathleen Hudson

Kathleen Hudson (who is on the faculty of the Plein Air Convention) has been drawn to the landscape since childhood. Here, she explains her process of how to paint landscapes.
  1. Plein Air Podcast 224: Russian Landscape Painter Zufar Bikbov