An Artist’s Perspective On Boats, Buildings, and Brushes

Vladislav Yeliseyev shares insights on painting two different landscape subjects, and the brushes he uses for them, in this artist profile from Plein Air Today.

Light Like No Other I Have Seen: Painting Outdoors in San Miguel de Allende,...

Approximately 476 years ago a Friar Miguel established the town of San Miguel de Allende, and the rest is history! For artists who enjoy painting outdoors, the history and architectural structures of this ancient town was eye candy.

Plein Air, Rain or Shine: Peter Brown on Painting in London

Artist Peter Brown shares what it's like to paint outdoors in London, in spite of the frequent rain and surprising comments of passersby (you'll laugh when you see what some suggest)...

Painting Other Painters: A Plein Air Tidbit

Read about how one painter became the subject of another artist's work in this piece from Plein Air magazine.

Check Out Other Artists’ Work

A wide variety of outdoor paintings are about to go on exhibit in art centers and galleries around the country. Here are a couple in which inspiring and informative work will be on display. Make sure you stay informed. 

Parting Shot: Up All Night

John Porter Lasater IV tackled his third 24 Paintings in 24 Hours event, this time in Carthage, Missouri, and this time with a partner...

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