Artist Profiles

Learn about what projects your fellow plein artists are up to, see online galleries of their landscape paintings, and more in these profiles!

Painting landscapes en plein air

Why I Start in the Field

How do you capture that combination of light, aroma, temperature, and freshness of an early morning walk? Mark Fehlman shares his insights on painting landscapes in this guest blog post.
Chris Morel, painting outdoors

The 6 Steps to My Plein Air Painting Process

Be inspired by this outdoor painter, who shares his process for painting landscapes in the northeast and southwest. You might be surprised by what they have in common. (Includes a bonus interview video!)
Painting of Zoroaster Peak by Thomas Moran

Thomas Moran’s Grand Adventure

Learn how Moran came to be one of the most famous landscape artists, and the meaning behind his secret signature.
Stanhope Forbes, "A Fish Sale on a Cornish Beach," oil on canvas

Plein Air or Nothing

In this edition of "Plein Air Heritage," learn about a British artist who said the only way to achieve success was to ...
Susan Hubble Pitcairn, pastel landscape painter

3 Principles of Art, and Life

As this Arizona artist creates plein air paintings with pastels, she remains mindful of three overriding principles that help her achieve better paintings.
Plein air painting of people

Four with Fehlman: A Plein Air Q&A

An exclusive four-question Q&A with Mark Fehlman, including how he stays inspired and motivated.
Larry Cannon, “South Laguna View” created in the Laguna Beach Plein Air Invitational, 10 x 14 in., watercolor on paper

Artist Spotlight: Larry Cannon

This PleinAir Live 2021 Faculty artist was exposed to watercolor in college as part of his architectural training and notes specific moments in his early years of painting that changed his life.
Painter Laurel Daniel in her studio.

Artist Spotlight: Laurel Daniel

While this artist feels that developing a career in art is a very personal and individual journey, she generously offers some recommendations to emerging artists.
Artist Susan Hediger Matteson plein air painting on a farm with sheep in southwest Colorado.

Artist Spotlight: Susan Hediger Matteson

There are two Susan Mattesons working in the fine art field today. This Susan Matteson has since started using Susan Hediger Matteson to clarify that she is not the other artist and shares with us how she got started in her career.
William Merritt Chase plein air seaside painting

Loose and Luminous in Long Island: Our Plein Air Heritage

In the late 1800's, plein air painting was still relatively new to the United States, but growing rapidly in popularity...
Plein air artist Hai-Ou Hou painting outside in China next to a river.

Artist Spotlight: Hai-Ou Hou

Hai-Ou Hou’s favorite studio is the outdoors, and she finds that nothing beats the beauty and wonder of nature.
Woman painting outdoors in a hat

Artist Spotlight: Krystal W. Brown

As Krystal states, “Someone is waiting for what you will bring to the world. Why keep them waiting?” Find out what legacy she’d choose to leave with her art.
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