PleinAir Podcast: Episode 51 – Carl Bretzke’s Transformation

In this episode of the PleinAir Podcast, Publisher Eric Rhoads interviews the quickly ascending Minneapolis-based artist Carl Bretzke. Throughout the interview, Rhoads and Bretzke discuss the artist's choice to retire from a medical career and pursue painting full-time, a transition that involves a number of important challenges and strategies that many artists face.

Glowing — and Flowing — Testimonial

Thoughts and paintings from the artists who attended the Publisher’s Invitational in the Adirondack mountains two weeks ago continue to pour in. Take a look at these fantastic works!

“Paint Camp” Exceeds Expectations

Nestled by a beautiful lake with a mountain view and the smell of deep green pines high in the mountains of upstate New York near the Canadian border is a camp for painters, which occurs just once a year. Like a camp for kids, instead of making pot holders and lanyards, adult campers make art… lots of art. Two paintings a day minimum.

Adirondack Glory

Nearly 100 artists have gathered with Publisher Eric Rhoads this week at Paul Smith College near the Canadian border for family, friendship, and a week-long plein air painting extravaganza.

There’s Still Time (and Spots!)

Who says summer camp is only for kids?! PleinAir magazine’s Eric Rhoads is inviting YOU to the Publisher’s Invitational Painters Camp in New York’s stunning Adirondack Mountains this June. There are only a few spots still available, so don’t wait!

Sunday Morning Coffee with Eric Rhoads: Four Words to Live By

This morning as I sit here on the back porch, I’m watching a mama sparrow bringing food to her babies in a nest tucked into the rafters of our porch. The little birds are learning to fly. I’m watching them hop from the nest to the blades of our ceiling fan and then on to the branches of the stately oaks in the back yard. As they jump, they first fall before they engage their wings, which then propel them to the next branch. If they forget to use their wings, which they do from time to time, they hit the ground, then shake it off, hop to a branch, and start over. Birds learn like we all learn. Trial and error.

Sunday Coffee with Eric Rhoads: A New Approach to Selling Paintings at Art Shows

Yesterday I was the judge of a plein air show in a community near where I live. I rarely get the opportunity to judge...

What a Painting Dream Trip Looks Like

Following the February 2016 PleinAir magazine historic trip to Cuba, publisher Eric Rhoads determined that he would create at least one painting trip to exotic locations each year. His goal: Paint in the world’s most beautiful places and visit places people might not go on their own.

Paint Like a Hobbit

You don't have to be a hobbit to want to paint a landscape so beautiful, unusual, and magical that it inspires the top filmmakers. Just ask the lucky 50 artists who are attending the Paint New Zealand Publisher's Invitational this week.

Captured on Video: 100 Painters Create More than 850 Paintings in the ADK

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - Many parts of the United States are already blazing hot, but about 100 painters enjoyed almost perfect...

How 800 Paintings Were Made in a Week – in the Adirondacks

- Staff reporting, PleinAir Magazine - The week came in like a lion and left like a lamb at the Publisher's Invitational Adirondacks Paint-Out last week, with...

Six Honored at Art Ball, Including Our Own Publisher Eric Rhoads

More than 300 people donned black tie, white tie, or historical costumes to attend the Florence Academy of Art Beaux Arts Ball, held at...

The New Golf, Taking the World by Storm

Why Plein Air Painting is "The New Golf." Publisher Eric Rhoads explains the plein air movement, why thousands are joining, and what you can...

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