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Podcast - Painting Techniques

PleinAir Podcast - T. Allen Lawson - OutdoorPainter.com

PleinAir Podcast 154: T. Allen Lawson on Artist Struggles, Painting, and More

This week, Eric Rhoads welcomes one of the most prominent plein air painters in America, Tim Allen Lawson.
Mitch Baird - PleinAir Podcast - OutdoorPainter.com

PleinAir Podcast 152: Mitch Baird on Value, Color Temperature, and More

In this week’s PleinAir Podcast, Eric Rhoads interviews representational landscape painter Mitch Baird.
PleinAir Podcast - William Scott Jennings - OutdoorPainter.com

PleinAir Podcast 151: William Scott Jennings on Painting Values, Color, and More

A talented painter who is also great at explaining painting techniques, William Scott Jennings joins Eric Rhoads for this episode of the PleinAir Podcast. Jennings paints large-scale landscapes and is passionate about painting outdoors. “No matter how good you are - or aren't - you learn,” he says.
PleinAir Podcast guest Mark Boedges - OutdoorPainter.com

PleinAir Podcast 148: Mark Boedges on Painting Greens and More

In this week’s PleinAir Podcast, Eric Rhoads interviews landscape painter Mark Boedges, who explains why he tends to avoid greens even though they show up in his landscape paintings.
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