Michele walks you-step by step-through the precise process she uses to paint a masterpiece.

Palette knife painting - how-to

A word from one of our sponsors, with advice on how to paint landscapes … In this broadcast, watch and learn from Michele Byrne as she shows you how adding a palette knife to your tool kit will allow you to paint in a new way that will make people leap up and take notice.

Click HERE to watch the free viewing of Michele’s tips and advice on how to paint with a palette knife in this Facebook LIVE video. 

Some artists shy away from palette knives because they seem unnecessary or look difficult to use. Nothing could be further from the truth. Palette knife painting is fun, gives you freedom, and is a great way to amplify your artwork in a short amount of time. Soon, you’ll be creating a unique style that is all your own.

Facebook Live Series: Michele Byrne “Palette Knife Painting” **FREE VIEWING**
Click this image to watch the free viewing in a Facebook Live video presentation.

See the full video at: https://lilipubsorders.com/products/michele-byrne-palete-knife-painting

Video Length: 5 Hours, 48 Minutes

Here’s a quick taste of what you’ll discover in this in-depth training:

  • How to use the “flipping” technique to draw attention to the focal point of your painting
  • Why Michele keeps a certain tool in her backpack all the time
  • An easy way to make any people you paint “pop” from the canvas
  • What to do the day after you finish painting (in fact, doing this could be the difference between a “good” painting … and an almost flawless one)
  • What to do if you’ve always wanted to include people in your paintings but you’re too afraid you won’t get it right
  • The perfect color to bring any flowers you paint to life, and more.

Click HERE to learn more about this art video workshop and get started learning how to paint with a palette knife today.

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