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From color to composition, to dealing with the elements, learn from the community of plein air painters with these tips for painting outdoors!

How to paint landscapes

12 Minutes to Better Paintings

From working with mediums to making studies from memories, Christine Lashley shares helpful advice on painting landscapes.
Plein Air Oil Toolkit

4 Supplies For Your Plein Air Oil Toolkit

Think you’ve got your plein air oil supply list nailed down? Think again. Landscape painter John Crump takes the myth out of some plein air oil painting conventional wisdom. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in plein air painting, you might be surprised by some of his hard-won findings.
Painting outdoors - watercolor

Plein Air Watercolor Tips and Tricks

When time is of the essence and access to supplies is limited, you must be prepared to make the most of what you have. Plein air watercolor painter Frank Costantino offers his best advice for how to handle just about any outdoor painting situation.

The Llama Syndicate

Most artists have their unique ways for going about their business. Colorado artist Michael Charron has a few notable ones involving llamas, a syndication system for selling paintings, and underdrawings with spiritual symbols and cursive writing.
Plein air landscape painting critiques

Plein Air Society Starts Online Painting Critiques

"Artists that have trained their ability to look beyond the detail ... are able to make stronger, more captivating art."
The 10 Most Common Mistakes Painters Make | OutdoorPainter.com

The 10 Most Common Mistakes Painters Make

Tackle these common issues to start making better paintings sooner rather than later with this painting advice from John Cosby.

PleinAir Tip: Sketch Quickly

When painting outdoors, it is important that you capture this piece first.
Painting snow en plein air - OutdoorPainter.com

Valuable Tips for Painting a Snow Scene on Location

When it comes to painting snow scenes en plein air, you may experience some of the best sessions on warm, sunny days.

Mix Color and Get Good Harmony

"When mixing colors for the landscape, artists need to be quick on their feet," says John Hughes. "Outdoors, where the light and shadows are in constant motion, it’s important to be able to mix a color intuitively."

Packing and Plein Air

For the very adventurous outdoor painter, room — and weight — are crucial things to consider when it comes to packing for plein air. PleinAir Today visited with artist Gary Geraths, who offered up some sage suggestions.
Painting a Landscape - John Pototschnik - OutdoorPainter.com

The Challenges of Painting a Landscape

There’s a perception that painting comes easily to professional artists because they "were born with the gift." John Pototschnik explains how that idea is far from the truth...
Facebook Live Series: Thomas Jefferson Kitts “Sorolla: Painting the Color of Light” **FREE LESSON VIEWING**

Facebook Live Series: Thomas Jefferson Kitts “Sorolla: Painting the Color of Light” **FREE LESSON...

Watch: Thomas Jefferson Kitts is one of very few to master the techniques of the great artist Joaquín Sorolla, famous for his ability to paint the color of light.
John MacDonald artist - OutdoorPainter.com

Facebook Live Series: John MacDonald “Creating Dynamic Landscapes” **FREE VIDEO LESSONS**

Imagine a beach scene that is painted so well, you can actually feel the warmth of the sun. This is exactly the kind of landscape paintings John MacDonald will help you create.
Facebook Live Series: Shelby Keefe “Painting From Photographs” **FREE VIEWING**

Facebook Live Series: Shelby Keefe “Painting From Photographs” **FREE VIEWING**

Shelby Keefe demonstrates how you can take a good photo and turn it into an amazing masterpiece.

Facebook Live Series: Michele Byrne “Palette Knife Painting” **FREE VIEWING**

In this broadcast, watch and learn from Michele Byrne as she shows you how adding a palette knife to your tool kit will allow you to paint in a new way that will make people leap up and take notice!
How to Paint Landscapes - “Painting Light and Atmosphere” with Joseph McGurl

Facebook Live Series: Joseph McGurl “Painting Light and Atmosphere” **FREE VIEWING**

Today, we're traveling into the minds of great artists to discover how they rose to a level of unsurpassed mastery in “Painting Light and Atmosphere” with Joseph McGurl.
Painting nocturnes - OutdoorPainter.com

Painting Nocturnes: Is Plein Air in Moonlight Possible?

Moonlight has fascinated artists for centuries. Writers have composed about its romance, artists have painted its mystery, musicians and composers have been moved to produce beautiful passages that evoke those ideas. But while moonlight has been depicted by many painters, it was often done from memory — out of necessity, because it’s hard to see and paint in the dark.
6 Reasons Field Studies Are Priceless - OutdoorPainter.com

6 Reasons Field Studies Are Priceless

From illustrator to fine art painter since 1982, John Pototschnik shares his advice on the importance of field studies, which he says have “a value greater than any monetary reward.”
Painting from photo references - OutdoorPainter.com

How to Turn an Imperfect Photo Into a Fantastic Painting

Shelby Keefe shares her goals and processes for the painting “Urban Patchwork.”
How to Get the Most out of Art Workshops - OutdoorPainter.com

13 Ways to Get the Most out of Any Painting Workshop

Take advantage of the art workshops you attend — don’t wind up returning home, only to paint the same way you always have in the past. John Hughes shares tips for your next workshop.
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