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Act Quickly for Fleeting Moments

American Legacy Fine Arts in Pasadena, California, recently opened a splendid exhibition of plein air works by some of the most collected and celebrated painters in the United States. Who’s included? Find out here.

The Florida Four

December 1 marks the opening reception for a show of works by “The Florida Four” — a professional group of well-known and collectible American Impressionists — who have a common interest in capturing the timeless natural essence of the Southern landscape.

Do You Have a Passion for Perfection?

More than 100 masterworks consisting of paintings, drawings, pastels, etchings, monotypes, and sculptures in bronze by this prolific French Impressionist head to the galleries of this renowned institution in February. Mark your calendars!

Featured Artwork

Karen Doyle Nurtures Two Careers

Professional artist and software engineering manager at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon: Over the past several years, Karen Doyle has worked to juggle these two seemingly opposed career paths, spending her vacation time at plein air painting events or workshops, and painting several evenings a week from life in her home studio. Recently, however, she had the opportunity to completely mix and mash the two when she helped to bring plein air painting and an art exhibit to life at Nike, Inc.

Get There Fast, Take It Slow

Beautiful Bermuda once again played host to Plein Air Bermuda, a vibrant plein air competition and show that continues to rise the ranks as a must-attend for painters. Who basked in the sun and glory?

Mary in Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Club is “thrilled and honored” to be hosting a solo exhibition of works by important painter Mary Pettis. Details here.
The Reynolda House Museum of American Art recently announced its plans to mount a significant 2018 exhibition surrounding the travels of iconic painter Frederic Church.

Arts Vibrancy Across the U.S.

The National Center for Arts Research at SMU in Dallas has launched a remarkable interactive webpage that’s an incredible resource for artists and more.

Plein Air Pests, in 1889

An art conservator at the Nelson-Atkins museum of art in Kansas City made waves around the art world last week after she alerted curators that, as she examined Vincent van Gogh’s 1889 “Olive Trees” with a microscope, she had found something extraordinary.

The Boat that Stole Easton

As one of the nation’s premier plein air events, Plein Air Easton (which was held 17-23, 2017) includes many of the biggest star artists from around the country. However, it was recently pointed out that there was another star this year that inspired several of the competition’s world-class participants.
Instructed and facilitated by the talented and vivacious Susan Nicholas Gephart, the annual Hameau Farm Artist Retreat in Big Valley, Pennsylvania, is a great opportunity to share, create, and learn all things art and plein air. Details here.

Plein Air in Provence

France — where beauty resides in every village and field — is a favorite destination for me. I love traveling there and painting from life the beauty I see. How did my recent trip go? Find out here...

Painting in the Big Apple

Finding balance between social activities and plein air painting, along with tips on flying with your oil paints.

Results from Capitola

The third annual Capitola Plein Air competition recently wrapped up in sunny California where 40 talented artists went head-to-head for over $2000 in awards. The winners were. . .
Mounted in 2016, “The Nature of Art: Painted Parks” by Indiana artist Rick Wilson and the Richmond Art Museum was recently recognized by the Indiana Historical Society, winning this state-wide honor.

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