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Call for Wisconsin Plein Air Artists

West Bend, WI: The Gallery of Wisconsin Art and the League of Milwaukee Artists are hosting the first West Bend Plein Air and “Paint the Market” art competition.

Outdoor Painting at the Saratoga Race Course: My Favorite Place to Paint

When one of our readers, Sharon Crute, read about Poppy Balser’s favorite place to paint outdoors, she was inspired to share with us her own treasured spot.

PleinAir Podcast Episode 65: John Singer Sargent Expert Richard Ormond

The latest PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads features Richard Ormond, the leading authority on (and a blood relative of) John Singer Sargent.

Featured Artwork

A Winning Work, Painted Through Cold Temps and Changing Light

By Carl Bretzke ( Bretzke’s “December Sunset Near Farmer’s Market” (above) was the Grand Prize Winner in the 5th Plein Air Salon Art Competition (now...

Architecturals in the Landscape: A Painterly Approach

Tempted to cover up an awkward part of your painting with a random landscape element? Find out why you shouldn't, and more great advice, in this guest blog post from outdoor painter Peggy Immel.

Urban Landscapes: An Art Exhibition

Learn about Rolando Barrero's current exhibition at the Benicia Plein Air Gallery (California).
Have you ever found yourself without an essential tool for painting outdoors? Such was the case for Dan Marshall, who brilliantly improvised when he forgot to pack tape with his art supplies.

Painting Outdoors and What Failure Can Teach Us

One of the beautiful things about art is that if we pay attention, we can apply what we learn to almost any area of our life, and vice versa. Such is the case with the following advice that plein air artist Larry Cannon shares about failure, success, and the awe that is nature.

Hot Off the Easel: The Challenge of Painting “Crossing Light”

The story of my painting "Crossing Light" is all about light and how it leads the eye around the painting and then lands on the main character in the immediate foreground. But first I should back up and explain why I chose to paint this scene...

Plein Air in British Columbia

Learn about the next plein air retreat hosted by the Federation of Canadian Artists.
Listen to this new PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads to learn more about Alvaro Castagnet, his art, and why he says seeing the end result of your work is critical for watercolor artists in particular.

Small, Vibrant Palette Knife Paintings: A Gallery of Art

Shortly after discovering palette knife paintings, this Maryland artist established a set of materials and techniques that now allow her to create intuitive responses to the color, light, and texture of the landscape.

Decisions, Decisions: Painting Outdoors with Watercolor and/or Oil

Artist Cindy Baron shares how and why she chooses which medium to use at plein air events.

An Artist’s Perspective On Boats, Buildings, and Brushes

Vladislav Yeliseyev shares insights on painting two different landscape subjects, and the brushes he uses for them, in this artist profile from Plein Air Today.
Approximately 476 years ago a Friar Miguel established the town of San Miguel de Allende, and the rest is history! For artists who enjoy painting outdoors, the history and architectural structures of this ancient town was eye candy.

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