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San Francisco Bay painting

Plein Air Painting in San Francisco and Wine Country

Have you ever dreamed of painting en plein air along the California coast? If so, you’ll want to listen to this FREE webinar, during which you’ll learn the ins and outs of painting in the San Francisco Bay Area.

PleinAir Tip from Stefan Baumann: Sketch Quickly

When painting outdoors, it is important that you capture this piece first.
Kami Mendlik - PleinAir Podcast

PleinAir Podcast Episode 113: Kami Mendlik on Setting Art Goals and More

Kami Mendlik on achieving art goals, improving your art, some of the issues women face as artists — and much more — in this PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads.

Featured Artwork

Related Women, Related Paintings: Sisters, Friends, and Commissioned Landscapes

Susan Nicholas Gephart shares the compelling story about how a set of sisters commissioned her to paint meaningful landscapes.
Plein air challenge

February Plein Air Challenge: Painting Street Scenes

Want to win a free art video workshop? It’s easy — simply join our February Challenge by sharing your art!
Artist James Asher

Prominent Watercolor Artist Passes Away

Services are being held this week to honor his life and legacy.
In this weekly series Kelly Kane, Editor-in-Chief of Plein Air Magazine, shares a favorite painting from the current issue.
En Train Air - plein air painting trip

En Train Air

This project celebrates a little-observed but crucial aspect of the American experience — the coming and going of the daily train, linking small towns to the nation at large.

Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Joe Gyurcsak and the Joy of Mud

Joe Gyurcsak is not afraid of color, as his paintings show. But his favorite quote is from Edgar Degas, who said that galleries wanted colorful paintings, “but if I could have had my own way, I would have confined myself to black and white.” The Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) instructor explains.
Plein air heritage: Edward Dufner artist

Plein Air Heritage: Edward Dufner (1872-1957)

The year 1910 marked a dramatic shift in Edward Dufner’s style of painting. It was then that he adopted an impressionist manner and began producing vibrantly painted pastoral scenes both outdoors and in his studio.
When learned and absorbed, this knowledge can bring dramatic changes to your work. See how in this guest blog post from John Pototschnik.
How to create focal point in art

An Exploration of the Focal Point in a Painting

Is the focal point always the subject? The next time you are wondering why a painting you are working on seems dull and lifeless, think about this principle of “harmony and contrast” to see if you can come up with the answer.
Plein Air Painting Events

Must-Have List: Crucial Outerwear and Art Supplies for Plein Air

From pants to paint tubes, you’ll want to refer to this list for your next plein air painting trip. Bonus: It includes tips for flying with art supplies!
Aimee Erickson - PleinAir Podcast

PleinAir Podcast Episode 112: Aimee Erickson on Color Theory and More

Aimee Erickson shares an exercise that can allow you to think more specifically about color — and much more — in this PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads.
You’re part of a rich tradition of learning and practicing plein air painting. This art workshop guide is chock-full of opportunities for you to take the first (or next) step on your painting journey.



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  1. PleinAir Podcast Episode 113: Kami Mendlik on Setting Art Goals and More 1:22