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PleinAir Art Podcast - Eric Rhoads interviews Frank LaLumia

PleinAir Art Podcast Episode 73: Frank LaLumia

Listen to the latest PleinAir Art Podcast, in which Eric Rhoads interviews Frank LaLumia on painting outdoors with watercolor and oil, and “the three S’s of plein air.”
7th Annual Plein Air Convention - PACE 2018

A First-Timer’s Response to PACE

As you'll see in this Plein Air Convention recap, it turns out that hanging out with a thousand artists is every bit as much fun as you would think!
Plein air art supplies and paint boxes |

Plein Air Art Supplies: Choosing the Right Paint Box

Innovations to paint boxes have made the job of the plein air painter more practical and enjoyable. Check out the set-ups of 11 artists with their easels and paintboxes, and learn which may be the right one for you.

Featured Artwork

Advice for artists - Michele de Bragança plein air paintings

Painting (and Life) Advice for the Painter’s Journey

The most important things we learn aren’t just technical tips, Michele de Bragança tells us, but rather, life lessons.

The How of Painting Clouds and Sky

In case you missed it: We received a wide variety of submissions from an earlier Winter Sky Challenge. So what did we see when we looked at the paintings? Two things.
PleinAir Art Podcast with Eric Rhoads and John Crump

PleinAir Art Podcast Episode 72: John Crump

New Zealand artist John Crump shares his journey as a professional artist in the latest PleinAir Art Podcast with Eric Rhoads.
Learn about a plein air painting event near the northeast coast of Florida, including a “Quick Draw” and more.
Large-scale paintings by Laurel Daniel

Adjusting My Painting World for Three Large-Scale Paintings

See how Laurel Daniel is accomplishing a commission for three large-scale paintings — a logistical feat, from building the canvas itself to executing the art.
Loving Vincent painter Dena Peterson

A “Loving Vincent” Animator Shares 10 Things She Learned From Van Gogh

A painter/animator for the Academy Award-nominated movie, “Loving Vincent,” shares what she learned from Van Gogh during this process, including the importance to “study and learn, then go beyond.”
Plein air oil painting by Martin Johnson Heade

Plein Air Heritage: Martin Johnson Heade

Take a closer look at a nineteenth-century oil painting in this sneak peek at the new issue of Plein Air Magazine.
As you read this, I’m packing up and preparing to meet several hundred artists in Santa Fe on Monday, when the 7th Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo will begin, and I am so excited about it, for several reasons. See why, and score some advice from previous attendees!
Plein Air Studies - Associated Women in the Arts

Study to Studio: A Plein Air Art Exhibition

“From Study to Studio” highlights the beginning to end process that artists use to create their art — from original concept to final completion.
Ralph Oberg, PleinAir Art Podcast with Eric Rhoads

PleinAir Art Podcast Episode 71: Ralph Oberg

In this episode of the PleinAir Art Podcast, Publisher Eric Rhoads interviews Colorado artist Ralph Oberg, who reflects that “the only ones who lose are the ones who quit.”
Paintings by Jennifer McChristian | PleinAir Art Podcast with Eric Rhoads

PleinAir Art Podcast Episode 70: Jennifer McChristian

The latest PleinAir Art Podcast with Eric Rhoads features award-winning artist Jennifer McChristian, whose passion for being outdoors naturally led her outside of her studio walls.
In this preview of “Urban Pastel Paintings,” Nancie King Mertz shows us how she approaches cityscapes. See why she says you can use the same approach with both oil and pastel paintings (and why she has become a devotee of pastel).

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