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Plein air artists in Indiana

Plein Air Painters Respond to Waterways in Peril

While this may not be like the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery, we hope what we find will make a difference, or at least bring some awareness to the need for increased conservation.
Plein Air Salon - Timothy Cunningham, "All is Bright," oil, 16 x 20 in.

6 High-Powered Paintings from the December Salon

American Master artist C.W. Mundy has revealed his selections for the winners in this round of the Plein Air Salon!
How to start a plein air group

The Challenges of Starting a Plein Air Group

In a recent newsletter, we shared advice on how to start a plein air group; but with anything that’s worth doing, challenges are to be ...

Featured Artwork

Jim Wodark, "Spring Trail," 2019, oil, 6 x 12 in. Collection the artist Plein air

Free Landscape Painting Demo: Establishing Value and Design at the Start

In this landscape painting demo, Jim Wodark walks you through how to paint a beautiful landscape, starting with a thumbnail sketch and ...
Lori McNee uses water-mixable oils

Q&A: How to Use Water-Mixable Oils

In this excerpt from Plein Air Magazine, Lori McNee ("Luminous Landscape Painting" on PaintTube.TV) answers four reader questions about how to use water-mixable oils.
Female artist painting at an evening venue

Artist Spotlight: Nancie King Mertz

Master & Eminent Pastelist Nancie King Mertz finds that light and shadow are the elements that “take her breath.”
We often hear of successful plein air painting societies and associations, but what if you don’t live ...
Katy Smith's setup for painting landscapes

How Much Should Your Plein Air Painting Gear Weigh?

There’s a mental freedom we associate with painting outdoors, but that lightness can easily be juxtaposed with the ...
Woman painting outdoors in Red Rocks Park

Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Riefenberg

Artist Jennifer Riefenberg is constantly reaching beyond her own boundaries on the eternal road to improvement and understanding of art in all forms.
Ted Heublein painting underwater

Plein Air, Sous Marine

Theodore Heublein has been diving for 50 years, and for the past 20, has been painting underwater at the Point Lobos State Natural Reserve....
The following landscape painting demonstration is by Trey Finney, whose work stresses high contrast and a high key. 
Jane Hunt painting en plein air

Surprising Things 7 Pro Painters Do

Over the years, we have shared plenty of traditional tips for painting outdoors, such as how to develop the right composition when there’s a...
How to paint landscapes - John MacDonald, "October Dusk," 12 x 24 in.

How to Paint Landscapes: 3 Experts on Fixing Annoying Mistakes

When we’re learning a craft, there are bound to be times that we make mistakes - we know that this is where growth happens. But there’s something to be said for knowing ahead of time how to avoid certain mistakes from the get-go to make painting less painful and more pleasurable. Today, three masters of landscape painting - John MacDonald, Carl Bretzke, and Joseph McGurl - share their secrets for fixing the most annoying and common mistakes that artists make.
Plein air painting on a beach

A Day in the Life of Mark Shasha

Welcome to our new "Day in the Life of ..." series for Plein Air Today, in which we feature one of today's master artists...
In the summer of 2021, we took to the road for a month and a half, leaving New Haven, CT, to make our way to the Pacific Northwest.


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