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Hot Off the Easel: The Challenge of Painting “Crossing Light”

The story of my painting "Crossing Light" is all about light and how it leads the eye around the painting and then lands on the main character in the immediate foreground. But first I should back up and explain why I chose to paint this scene...

Plein Air in British Columbia

Learn about the next plein air retreat hosted by the Federation of Canadian Artists.

PleinAir Podcast Episode 64: Alvaro Castagnet and a New Vision for Watercolor

Listen to this new PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads to learn more about Alvaro Castagnet, his art, and why he says seeing the end result of your work is critical for watercolor artists in particular.

Featured Artwork

Decisions, Decisions: Painting Outdoors with Watercolor and/or Oil

Artist Cindy Baron shares how and why she chooses which medium to use at plein air events.

An Artist’s Perspective On Boats, Buildings, and Brushes

Vladislav Yeliseyev shares insights on painting two different landscape subjects, and the brushes he uses for them, in this artist profile from Plein Air Today.

Light Like No Other I Have Seen: Painting Outdoors in San Miguel de Allende,...

Approximately 476 years ago a Friar Miguel established the town of San Miguel de Allende, and the rest is history! For artists who enjoy painting outdoors, the history and architectural structures of this ancient town was eye candy.
Listen to this new PleinAir Podcast to be inspired and learn more from Ned Mueller, who says, “We learn in three stages - we paint what we know, we paint what we see, and we paint what we feel.”

Library Video Collection Brings Artists Together

In this community event, artists are invited to explore the extensive art instructional DVD video collection of the Southbury Public Library, select a video, and create their own artwork inspired by the instructor.

Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Painting a Landscape

Ultimately, when you paint a landscape, you’re painting movement. The air moves, the light changes; it’s never static. Light and atmospheric forces act upon the components of the landscape to create a story, and it’s up to you as the artist to pick the story you want to tell...

Featured PACE Instructor: Charles White

Our 7th Annual Plein Air Convention and Expo is just around the corner, and to celebrate, we’ll be highlighting some of our featured instructors and their art over the next several weeks. Recently I asked him to tell us more about a couple of his paintings.
If you’ve ever felt nervous when settling into a plein air event, you’ll appreciate this story of how “Corner at the Plaza” came to be.

Enormous Paintings of the Grand Canyon

The 2018 Masters of the American West Art Exhibition and Sale will feature paintings and sculptures from more than 70 nationally recognized contemporary artists, including Sedona, AZ artist Curt Walters with his large-scale landscapes.

Plein Air Heritage: Artist Sanford R. Gifford

Read about Gifford’s “The Artist Sketching at Mount Desert, Maine” plein air painting in this nod to art history.

Jerry Balcom and The Visual Delights of Plein Air

Washington state plein air artist Jerry Balcom uses compositional devices, edge control, and color intensities to bring viewers into his pastel paintings. These techniques allow him to share the emotions he felt while working on location.
Listen in as Eric Rhoads interviews accomplished Impressionistic plein air painter Kevin Macpherson about his international travels and more.

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