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Discover upcoming artist events, art exhibitions, paint-outs, quick draws, Invitationals, and more for plein air artists and collectors.

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Your Plein Air Painting Guide for July 2019

Looking for a local event next month? Check out these listings of plein air events from the Northeast to the Southwest, and beyond!
Midway Art Association Plein Air

Plein Air Paradise in Utah

More than 600 paintings will be on display throughout this annual event. Get the details in this announcement.
Plein air artists in St Augustine

Artists Celebrate 95th Anniversary in Nation’s Oldest City

Ninety-five years ago, in the nation’s oldest city of St. Augustine, Florida, a small group of artists planted the seeds for the St. Augustine Art Association. Those founders followed in the footsteps of famous...
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Your Plein Air Events Guide for June 2019

Looking for a local event next month? Check out these listings of plein air events from the Northeast to the Southwest!
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The Artists Retreat You Deserve

Learn why these artists are committed to an entire week of “me time,” and be inspired to save your spot so you can join them!
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First Brush of Spring for Hoosiers

Over 100 artists descended on the Wabash River town in Southwestern Indiana, competing for over $20,000 in prizes and purchase awards.
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Kern County, California Celebrates Plein Air

The week brought many unexpected circumstances and challenges for the artists, including high winds, herds of curious horses investigating the painting, and separate encounters with a bull and a rattlesnake who were equally unamused.
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More Favorite Moments From the Plein Air Convention

Live podcasts on stage; demos in pastel, oil, and watercolor; our 2020 location reveal; pictures from an epic ’60s/’70s dance party, and more!
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Painting the Town in Texas Hill Country

Activities during this plein air event included Student Art Day, a VIP auction, a quick draw competition, and more. See who took home awards!
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How You Can Be Part Of A Paint Tribe

When our batteries run down, we’re not giving the best we can offer. Imagine a week with a big smile, just spending time painting, relaxing, and simply talking like the old days … and not having a care in the world.
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2019 Chadds Ford Paint Out Recap

The Chadds Ford Historical Society welcomes artists to challenge themselves by painting the winter season. It was a favorite time of year for the late artist Andrew Wyeth, known for his unparalleled mastery among contemporary painters for capturing what he called the “bones of a landscape” in winter.
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2019 Plein Air Unleashed

In this four-day event, artists from across Virginia and Southern Maryland are invited to spend the week in the Northern Neck of Virginia painting our beautiful scenery en plein air.
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16 Reasons Not to Go to the Plein Air Convention

Missing the annual Plein Air Convention is like missing the experience of a lifetime. San Francisco is going to be more incredible than ever. But if you’re allowing an excuse to keep you from coming ... keep reading.
Plein air convention

March 2019 Plein Air Events

Check out these listings for upcoming plein air invitationals and events happening all over the U.S. Which will you attend?
San Francisco Bay painting

Plein Air Painting in San Francisco and Wine Country

Have you ever dreamed of painting en plein air along the California coast? If so, you’ll want to listen to this FREE webinar, during which you’ll learn the ins and outs of painting in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Plein Air Convention PACE - art workshops

2019 Ultimate Plein Air Artist Workshop Guide

You’re part of a rich tradition of learning and practicing plein air painting. This art workshop guide is chock-full of opportunities for you to take the first (or next) step on your painting journey.
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Flowing Estuary to Living Sea

Discover how the Central Coast estuary inspires painters in this exhibition preview.
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LPAPA: Town & Country Plein Air Exhibition

“Town & Country: Where the Cities Meet the Pastures” is dedicated to paintings created by LPAPA members. This is a free event that welcomes all art lovers. Discover when you can visit the exhibition in this preview.
Plein Air Convention & Expo

Does Your Art Reveal That You See the World Differently?

Consider this question and see what Joe Paquet has to say about getting better as a painter and . . .
Jeremy Lipking - Plein Air Convention & Expo

Become a Next-Level Painter in One Week

How to get in on what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s actually working in the world of plein air and art marketing, and have fun while you’re at it!
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