How to Paint Landscapes

How to Paint Landscapes > The most popular subject for painting en plein air is the landscape, but that single subject includes a wide range of variations, such as trees, clouds, water, and mountains. In the following articles you’ll find advice for painting beautiful landscapes wherever you are because some concepts are universal to painting, such as composition, brush work, using field studies, and more.

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1. 12 Minutes to Better Paintings

From working with mediums to making studies from memories, Christine Lashley shares helpful advice on painting landscapes.

2. Joseph McGurl on Contrasting Edges

“What I’m trying to do is paint the appearance of nature, the experience of looking at it,” Joseph McGurl explains. Learn more, and see what’s in his landscape painting toolkit!

3. Painting Architectural Subjects in the Landscape

Tempted to cover up an awkward part of your painting with a random landscape element? Find out why you shouldn’t, and more great advice, in this guest blog post from outdoor painter Peggy Immel.

4. Watercolor Technique: How To Develop Your Brushwork

Publisher Eric Rhoads interviews watercolor artist Dan Marshall, who shares a surprising tool that will enable you to develop your brushwork. Watch the video here to gain confidence and control when painting, and learn how to develop a sketching habit – with your paintbrush.

5. Studies to Studio: Painting Landscapes with Acrylics

Landscape painter John Hughes shares a step-by-step painting demo, illustrating his problem solving process for an acrylic study.

6. How to Paint Landscapes: Changing Times Call for a Different Approach

Sharon Weaver is an artist and instructor at the Kline Academy of Fine Art in Los Angeles, where she teaches classes on painting landscapes. In this guest blog post she shares how she transitioned to teaching art online. Bonus: Includes a step-by-step landscape painting demonstration.

7. Valuable Tips for Painting a Snow Scene on Location

When it comes to painting snow scenes en plein air, you may experience some of the best sessions on warm, sunny days.

8. 6 Reasons Field Studies Are Priceless

From illustrator to fine art painter since 1982, John Pototschnik shares his advice on the importance of field studies, which he says have “a value greater than any monetary reward.”

9. How to Turn an Imperfect Photo Into a Fantastic Painting

Shelby Keefe (featured in the art workshop video “Painting From Photographs”) shares a painting fresh from her easel, “Urban Patchwork.” She explains her goals for the piece and how she took an imperfect photo and turned it into a fantastic painting.

10. 10 Mental Keys to Make an Extraordinary Painting

Plein air painter Bill Davidson takes us through his process of creating a powerful landscape painting with these “mental keys.”

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