Pro Artists on Art Supplies

For many of us, shopping for art supplies makes us feel like a kid in a candy store. No matter what media you use, having the right paints, brushes, and substrates are critical for being able to express yourself through your art.

Art materials can go beyond the obvious, as well, especially for plein air painting. See for yourself in these helpful articles below.

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1. What’s in My Bag?

If you follow Lori Putnam at all, you probably realize she spends a fair amount of time on the road and in the air. That requires making sure she arrives with everything she needs safe and secure. Here’s her advice for artists, including her top five preparedness tips.

2. Must-Have List: Crucial Outerwear and Art Supplies for Plein Air

From pants to paint tubes, you’ll want to refer to this list for your next plein air painting trip. Bonus: It includes tips for flying with art supplies!

3. Top 16 Unexpected Plein Air Art Supplies

Add some of these unexpected plein air art supplies to your stash to make painting outdoors more convenient, more fun, and perhaps, even more interesting.

4. A DIY “Micro” Pochade for Painting Outdoors

Learn how you can make the most of your outdoor adventures with a “micro-pochade.”

5. The Best Plein Air Easels for Artists

What’s the best easel for plein air painting? We asked, and you answered! Dozens of artists share what their favorite plein air easels (including some DIY versions!) are, including why they’re top choice.

6. Abandoned to Sunset: Art Supplies Used, and More

Congratulations to Joshua Cunningham (b. 1974) of St Paul, Minnesota. Cunningham’s painting “Abandoned to Sunset” won the in Best Plein Air Work of the June 2020 Plein Air Salon. In this guest blog post, he takes us behind the scenes of his painting, including his techniques, colors, and supplies.

7. Mix Color and Get Good Harmony

“When mixing colors for the landscape, artists need to be quick on their feet,” says John Hughes. “Outdoors, where the light and shadows are in constant motion, it’s important to be able to mix a color intuitively.”

8. Painting with Pastels for Rapid Results

When this artist was given an “unwanted” set of supplies, she became hooked.

9. Salon Winner Discusses His Array of Tools

Mark Boedges brings years of work and a honed selection of equipment with him to paint outdoors. Like what?

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