Featured Artwork: Tim Oliver

Featured Artwork: Tim Oliver

Boyhood Playground

Tim Oliver is a Landscape Architect and owner of a design/build landscape firm in Lubbock, Texas. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from Texas Tech University in 1983.

Prominent watercolorist, architectural illustrator and teacher Iain Stewart wrote this about Tim’s work:
“As a recorder of one’s surroundings, it’s often easy to push the experience beyond what’s needed in any particular work. Tim’s paintings hit that sweet spot between too little and overworked. His choices in how he interprets what he sees and the mood he inspires in the viewer is a clear indicator that he’s an observer at all times—something that’s not easily taught. His control, restraint and painterly approach, combined with his eagerness to move his painting forward, is something I enjoy immensely.”
–Iain Stewart ,AWS, NWS, Watercolor Artist Magazine, December 2015

Though Tim has little formal art training, he has always enjoyed drawing and sketching. First briefly introduced to watercolor in college, he has become passionate about the medium. Tim considers watercolor to be the perfect medium for him as he attempts to communicate the character, emotion and story of a place. He prefers to paint on- location or en plein air.

While Tim will sketch or paint anything that stirs emotion and passion within him, he is drawn to things western, rural, gritty and seemingly mundane. His goal in painting is always to tell a story and draw out emotion in the viewer of his art. Having lived in West Texas, Northern Arizona and Nova Scotia, Tim draws on his own fond memories
and reminiscences of those places in much of his art. Anything evocative of a ‘time long passed by’ is sure to capture his attention.

Tim holds Signature membership in the National Watercolor Society and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. He is also an exhibiting member of the American Watercolor Society, Outdoor Painters Society, the GAS Painting Group, the West Texas Watercolor Society as well as associate member of theTransparent Watercolor Society of America, Southwestern Watercolor Society, American Impressionist Society and the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico.

Tim lives in Lubbock, Texas with Missy, his beautiful wife and tireless supporter.

“Storytelling through the medium of watercolor in West Texas has afforded me the precious privilege of recording the awesomeness of the sky and the point at which it merges with the land. When I further explore the imprint that humankind has left at this intersection in the form of his dwellings and structures, I have begun to revive memories, evoke emotions and, if successful, tell a story.”-Tim Oliver, NWS, WFWS

View more of Tim’s work at www.timoliverart.com.

Contact Tim at [email protected]