Plein Air Podcast 222: Kyle Buckland on Art Inspiration and More

In this episode of the Plein Air Podcast, Eric Rhoads interviews Kyle Buckland on:

  • How he fell in love with impressionism as a teenager and how he is inspired by the work ethic of historic painters
  • Reflections on being married to an artist
  • A lightning round of Q&A about painting
  • Why 2017 was such a pivotal year for his art life
  • And more

Bonus! In this week’s Art Marketing Minute, Eric Rhoads, author of Make More Money Selling Your Art, addresses how to get more email addresses for your newsletter; and advice on opening an art gallery.

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Listen to the Plein Air Podcast with Eric Rhoads and Kyle Buckland here:


Meet Kyle in person at the Plein Air Convention, of which he said, “There’s an energy at those events that you can absorb. When you go there, you feel it, it’s palpable, you feel the excitement, and there’s almost a sense of urgency to capture the moment. I think that by getting together with other artists, you can really foster that energy. It’s easy to just sit around by yourself and be in your comfort zone. But if you want to advance your career, if you want to get out there, if you want to sell paintings … that’s another thing that happened. As soon as I started getting out to these events, I started meeting gallery owners, I started to go to shows and talk to promoters and art dealers that were interested in selling my work. It really opened up a lot of doors that would have never been opened if I had stayed here in southwest Virginia just painting and posting my work on Facebook. It really took getting out there and meeting people to make that kind of that next step.”

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