PleinAir Art Podcast - Eric Rhoads interviews Frank LaLumia
“A Wedding in Old Mexico,” (oil, 24 x 30 in.) by Frank LaLumia

Oil painter and watercolorist Frank LaLumia shares his insights in one of the latest PleinAir Art Podcasts with Eric Rhoads. LaLumia tells us that his experiences of painting outdoors with both mediums have shaped his style over the years. No matter the medium, he says, separating the differences over time hasn’t been confusing: “The only issue to consistently deal with is humidity and how it affects the moment.”

“Oil paint is the ultimate drawing medium,” LaLumia says on his website. “Take the fun of using color, add to that the infinite malleability of the paint itself, the ability to coax a reluctant drawing out the chaos, the juxtaposition of transparent and opaque paint, the richness of impasto oil paint; this medium has got it all. While the muse of oil painting might have a different personality than the muse of watercolor, in the end they create an impressive and inspiring whole.”

For various ideas he enjoys painting with oil based on watercolor references, and watercolor from oil references, as well as from his sketchbook of drawings. While painting at domestic locations LaLumia uses both mediums in the field, but internationally only uses watercolor, which he says is especially unique and beautiful.

On his site, he explains his love of watercolor: “Watercolor is a wonderful, maddening, sublime, evil, brilliant medium. I believe it is quite addicting. My vision is to use watercolor in a way that is most indigenous to itself, to highlight its uniqueness, to revel in those qualities that make watercolor what it is, what it can be. I discard many watercolors in order to get one with the right stuff.”

LaLumia’s “Three S’s” of Painting Outdoors:
1. See it
2. Simplify it
3. State it

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