Joe Paquet, plein air artist
“Why not just take a photo?” Joe Paquet addresses this common question on his website, and answers with the following: “The fact is that even the finest photo will never be a just substitute for the ‘living experience’ of painting on location.”

From art marketing to philosophy, you’ll be inspired and will pick up some helpful advice in this interview between Eric Rhoads and artist Joe Paquet, who was also featured in the December/January 2015 issue of Plein Air Magazine.

“This widely respected and influential artist paints in response to his passionate feelings about both personal and community issues,” says former Plein Air Magazine Editor Stephen Doherty. “Through his painting, teaching, and lecturing, he encourages all of us to pursue our passions and maintain high professional standards.”

Doherty goes on to tell us that “Paquet is constantly reexamining his materials and techniques, as well as the subjects he paints on location and in his studio. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York and studying with John Philip Osborne at the Ridgewood Art Institute in New Jersey, Paquet used a prismatic palette of carefully premixed colors. He also started his plein air paintings by establishing a grisaille underpainting made from combinations of Cremnitz white, cobalt blue, and ivory black.” Continue reading the full article on Joe Paquet, titled “Speaking Through Our Paintings” in this download of Plein Air Magazine.

Listen to the full PleinAir Art Podcast with Eric Rhoads and Joe Paquet here:

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  1. Refreshing take on pleine air painting and the social media corruption going on today! I have taken many years of classes with Joe and he’s truthful about his “tight-ship” classes. But I learned a lot from him and had a lot of fun, too.


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