6 Soothing Snowscape Paintings

Winter Snowscape Paintings > What child doesn’t delight in the promise of a snow day? For some intrepid plein air painters, the thrill remains. After all, a good snowfall can turn even the most mundane landscape into something spectacular. Here, six artists share their views of a world blanketed in snow.

6 Soothing Snowscape Paintings:

1. Winter Jazz by Kyle Buckland

Painting of a snowy landscape with trees
“Winter Jazz”
Kyle Buckland
2018 , oil, 9 x12 in.
Private collection
Plein air

2. Frosty Reflections by Joli Ayn Wood

Painting of a snowy landscape with sunset
“Frosty Reflections”
Joli Ayn Wood
2018, gouache, 6 x 12 in.
Private collection

3. Snowfield by Lucia deLeiris

Painting of a snowy rural landscape
Lucia deLeiris
2019, oil, 8 x 8 in.
Available from artist
Plein air

4. High Creek Winter by Joseph Alleman

Painting of a snowy landscape with trees
“High Creek Winter”
Joseph Alleman
2020, oil, 12 x 12 in.
Available from Mockingbird Gallery, Bend OR

5. January by Carolyn Lindsey

Painting of a snowy landscape
Carolyn Lindsey
2017, oil, 8 x 10 in.
Private collection
Plein air

6. Bay Winter by Nancy Tankersley

Painting of a snowy landscape
“Bay Winter”
Nancy Tankersley
2019, oil, 24 x 24 in.
Available from artist

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  1. Michael Godfrey is one of the best contemporary painters of snow that I have come across. If you don’t know him, check him out.


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