Things people say to plein air artists

So What Does Your Spouse Do For a Living?

And other things people say to plein air artists...
Plein air painter Marc Hanson

Challenged by Mother Nature

How one artist broke out of the "winter blues" and, in hindsight of this project, the biggest lesson he learned.
networking for artists - Michele Byrne at Truck ranch

Overcome Your Introversion: Networking at Plein Air Events

As artists and creatives, many of us tend to be on the shy side. We like to focus on our own thing, and we enjoy being alone in the quiet, focused space of the creative process. But there comes a time when we’ll need to ...
Painting flowers outdoors

Now I Get It

"I always wondered why artists painted a series when there were tens of thousands of themes one could explore - until ..."
Painting small works in pastel

Miniatures Offer Options: The Benefits of Painting Small Works

"I came up with the idea of creating a series of miniature paintings during an economic slowdown, but the business decision has turned into a preference and a passion."
Santa Fe artist Joe Anna Arnett

Joe Anna Arnett On Painting the New Mexico Landscape

Learn how to make the most of plein air in the southwest, including what colors to bring and how to prepare for the weather.
William Schneider, "Dappled," 18 x 30 in., plein air

What You Have in Common with Every Artist You Admire

If you've ever thought that you don't have enough talent to be a great artist, read this advice - and then pick up your brush.
Art appreciation - "Midway Farm" by John Hughes

Beginning Artists: Start with Art Appreciation

Opinion Piece: The first step in art education must begin not with drawing circles and squares, but with art appreciation.
Artist self-portraits

When the Tables Have Turned: 7 Paintings of Painters in the Outdoors

Painting outdoors with 360-degree views, artists have access to an infinite source of subject matter from which to draw inspiration. Every once in a while, however, the tables turn ...
plein air painting watercolor

Painting Without Purpose

Follow along as Thomas Jefferson Kitts shares a record of the five days he spent on Monhegan Island, walking aimlessly and stopping only when inspiration struck to draw or paint.
Liz Haywood-Sullivan and Kelly Kane at PACE in Santa Fe

Take That Step

Is there something that’s been holding you back from taking that next step on your artistic journey?
Brenda Boylan with her new painting, "A Secret Place"

A Design Technique That Stopped a Painter in Her Tracks

The paint was still drying on Brenda Boylan’s five-foot-wide landscape when she took a few minutes to chat with me about her most recent work. Learn how the painting came to be, including the design concept she discovered and applied when she was halfway through the piece.
Nancy Nowak, "Moment’s Peace," 2016, pastel, 9 x 12 in., Collection the artist, Plein air and studio

Demo: Evoking a Mood in a Landscape Painting

See how Nancy Nowak creates a landscape painting that's full of emotion in this three-step demonstration from Plein Air Magazine.
Ken Knight painting en plein air

Vantage Points Part II – The Waterhole Series

In Part II of Ken Knight's articles on plein air painting, he shares works from his favorite location. "As an artist, it is ultimately about how you see and express the subject that is critical ... thereby creating your own alternate reality."
Dealing with art criticism - Ellen Howard, “Going to the Light,” 8 x 16 in.

How to Deal with Criticism as an Artist

“As artists, it is our responsibility to show up and do the work, creating our best work with minimal concern on how others view our work.”
Step 5: Pulling it all together

Step by Step: Painting a Scene from the Greys River

Watch as this landscape painting scene comes together from the Greys River in Wyoming on a semi-sunny October day.
Painting boats and beaches plein air setup

The Joy of Painting Boats, Beaches, and Water

Award-winning impressionist oil painter Debra Huse has a love for painting boats, beaches, and water en plein air. Here, she takes us into her process by sharing some recent paintings, including her inspiration and techniques.
Ben Bauer, "Soft in Wilernie," 19 x 21 inches, Oil on linen, Private collection

A Product of Process

On an artist's ideas, instincts, and insatiable desire
Theresa Grillo Laird, "A Wet Snow," 2019, oil, 12 x 16 in., Available from artist, Plein air

Snow Days: 8 Landscapes Celebrating Snowy Scenes

Several artists braved the elements to give us their responses to the snowy landscape.
Rick Delanty, "Montage Mists," 12 x 24 in., oil (Laguna Beach, CA)

The Beauty of Camaraderie

And, on the reality of Beauty and the awe of what is wonderful: that the experience and appreciation of Beauty is good for the human race.
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