How to paint landscapes - John MacDonald, "October Dusk," 12 x 24 in.

How to Paint Landscapes: 3 Experts on Fixing Annoying Mistakes

When we’re learning a craft, there are bound to be times that we make mistakes - we know that this is where growth happens. But there’s something to be said for knowing ahead of time how to avoid certain mistakes from the get-go to make painting less painful and more pleasurable. Today, three masters of landscape painting - John MacDonald, Carl Bretzke, and Joseph McGurl - share their secrets for fixing the most annoying and common mistakes that artists make.
HipCamping in South Dakota, through the app HipCamp

Plein Air Painting On the Road with a VW Vanagon, My Wife, and My...

In the summer of 2021, we took to the road for a month and a half, leaving New Haven, CT, to make our way to the Pacific Northwest.
Michelle Usebelli painting en plein air

How Michele Usibelli is Breaking New Ground

Forcing herself outside the familiar is what keeps Michele Usibelli’s artwork fresh and fulfilling to make.
How to paint like Monet - “Flowers at Sunset” by Camille Przewodek

How to Paint Like Monet: Understanding Light Keys

Immediate spoiler: There isn’t a formula for learning how to paint like Monet. But as Camille Przewodek explains, it’s a way of thinking ...
How to: Painting composition with Dan Marshall

Step-by-Step: Edit the Landscape for Better Composition

A strong composition is achieved through intentional design, not a happy accident of random shapes. If we look closely, nature gives us all the information we need. We just have to organize the pieces to create visually pleasing paintings.
Oil painting of a girl selling flowers

Just Go Looking

In this "inspiration in a minute" post, Kevin Macpherson takes us beyond the paintbrush.
Sarah Baptist, painting en plein air

The Rhythm of Urban Scenes

In pursuit of a blend of drawing and painting, this Delaware artist depicts the abstract strength in back alleys, side streets, and intersections.
A scene from Brenda Boylan's upcoming video workshop on how to paint with pastels

3 Ways to Paint with Pastels Safely

Don't let your fear of pastel dust stop you from using this colorful and versatile medium. Brenda Boylan shares three tips for painting with pastels - safely.

You Have Your Color Study … Now What?

In this episode of Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, Gavin Glakas shares a demo on how to detail a plein air color study. Don't miss it!
Francesco Fontana, "Selling Floats on the Beach," watercolor, 54 x 735 cm

Contemporary Life Reflected in Watercolor

In this Watercolor Live faculty spotlight, Francesco Fontana shares his approach to painting with watercolor, his advice for painting cities and finding the right colors to use, and more.
Kathleen Hudson gives a demon on how to paint moving water

In Deep Water

Don't find yourself in deep water when it comes to painting elements like rivers and streams. In this Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, Kathleen Hudson takes us through a demo on how to paint moving water.
Eric Rhoads with Michael Holter

Bring on the Backlight

In this episode of Art School Live, Eric Rhoads welcomes Michael Holter to the show! Michael is on the faculty of the 2nd Annual Watercolor Live virtual art conference; in this interview he demos a stunning backlit landscape.
Ken Karlic, featured in the PleinAir Magazine article “Sophisticated Chaos” (Dec '21 / Jan '22 issue). Photo by Leah Wells

Plein Air Magazine: And Here’s to the Next 10

Throughout the year, we’ve been celebrating the 10th anniversary of this milestone event; as one final hurrah, we ...
George Gallo, "Stream at New Hope," 38 x 50 inches, Oil on canvas

George Gallo on Finding Your Own Voice as an Artist

Need art inspiration? Start here > learn what the masters had in common, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your art, and more.
Watercolor paintings - Chien Chung-Wei, "Moscow at Dusk," 2016, 27 x 36 cm

Masterpieces of Immortal Value

Chien Chung Wei, who is on the Watercolor Live 2022 faculty, shares his inspiring way of pursuing art.
How to paint with white - "Winter in the Alley" by Kyle Buckland

Quick Tip: Whipping Up Your White

Kyle Buckland shares a helpful technique that has been practiced by some of the greatest landscape painters. 
How to paint landscapes - Artist Jim Wodark

How to Paint Landscapes: Design Makes All the Difference

How artist Jim Wodark redesigns the landscape to create stunning compositions.
Just for fun - art life

My Artist Spirit Guide Is …

Just for fun! Who is your artist spirit guide? Check this "guide," and then tell us!
Rita Pacheco, “Lil’ Red on the Fourth of July,” 8” x 10”, available

My Favorite Place to Paint: A Visual Paradise

An artist shares her favorite place to paint, which has gone from being a mining town to a tourist destination. Can you guess where?
Plein air art humor

I Am a Plein Air Painter and That Is Why …

Just for fun! Use predictive text to finish the sentence, and then share your answer with us by ...
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