A cellphone app called Glympse could help collectors find artists working in the field at plein air competitions. The Wisconsin Plein Air Painters Association is experimenting with the application, which allows painters to log in and be seen on a map during their painting session. 

The free app for smartphones allows one to log in for a pre-set amount of time — perhaps the artist only wants to be visible on the map for part of the painting session. The artist then joins a group (or starts one). One can delete the app’s history or turn off the app and disengage with the program altogether at any time.

Can you find an artist in this Wisconsin landscape? A new app will take a lot of the guesswork out of this kind of scenario.

If an event used this, then collectors could log in to the group and see where their favorite artists — or a cluster of artists — are painting, and easily find them. Wendie Thompson, the founder of WIPAPA, says some of the association’s members plan on trying Glympse at the Cedarburg event.

“I’m just thrilled at the potential of this tool to connect artists and art lovers right at the point of creation,” says Thompson. “I look forward to seeing what these connections mean to both the artists and their collectors. Hope to hear stories from both!”


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