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Extreme Plein Air

Left: Kip Bradley painting en plein air; Right: Kip's painting of the marsh

A Muddy Marsh Adventure

Plein air painter Kip Bradley is painting six marsh locations around Savannah, Georgia over the course of a year to document coastal changes.
Mike Bonar at the Plein Air Convention & Expo, after winning a trip to New Zealand

One Spin…Trip of a Lifetime

"What a full-on adrenaline rush." Mike Bonar on winning the New Zealand painting trip on the PACE prize wheel, and his reflections on this trip of a lifetime.
Painting vacations

My Best Day of Painting Ever

Was I going to work on one good painting in a short amount of time or was I going to do multiple paintings to see what I could accomplish?
plein air painting vacation - New Zealand with Eric Rhoads

An Exotic Location for Plein Air

Join us for a painting vacation this September > This is a very exclusive trip for those who expect the best possible experiences.

Chasing Fragile Dreams

Come walk with me as I remember one of my dreams and how I chased it. It is a dream that led me, along with my painting gear, all the way to the southern tip of South America.
Plein air painting in bad weather

Plein Air Painting … in a Pod

You may know Sharon Bamber from her incredible 1,000-mile expedition of walking and painting the Way of Saint James in Spain. Here's her brilliant solution to painting through the snow and rain.
Paint the Way 'Cross the USA - by Bike

Biking to PACE?!

In conjunction with PACE 2022 (the Plein Air Convention & Expo), and the excitement of the convention returning as an IN PERSON event, I...
Ted Heublein painting underwater

Plein Air, Sous Marine

Theodore Heublein has been diving for 50 years, and for the past 20, has been painting underwater at the Point Lobos State Natural Reserve....
HipCamping in South Dakota, through the app HipCamp

Plein Air Painting On the Road with a VW Vanagon, My Wife, and My...

In the summer of 2021, we took to the road for a month and a half, leaving New Haven, CT, to make our way to the Pacific Northwest.
painting outdoors with children

Plein Air in Babywear!

We've seen some pretty incredible ways to paint outdoors, but this Plein Air Today reader showed us how she takes it to another level. Bonus: Includes her advice for painting when you have a baby on board!
Granite Group plein air painters

The Granite Group Hikes Again

Painting scenes such as the ultramarine blue lake, a snow melt pond at the foot of a mountain, and more, the Granite Group had an "epic" adventure this year.
Paint Anywhere in the World - Plein Air Today

Fill in the Blank: If I Could Paint Anywhere …

Close your eyes and imagine ... if you could choose any place in the world, with no limits or consequences, where would you paint?
Plein air painter Randall Cogburn

A 260-Mile Plein Air Relay

Is it possible to participate in two distant plein air events in the same week? This ambitious artist pushes the limits to find out. Bonus: Includes a list of tips for your next plein air event!
Bicycle and plein air painting

Painting My Way ’Cross the USA — By Bicycle! Part II

In 2019, Lewis Williams began painting his way from California to Maine - by bicycle. Here, he gives us an update on his journey, including the biggest bonus, which came unexpectedly.

Diving Into Plein Air

It’s hard for a lot of artists to “take the plunge” into full-time painting, let along taking up art in the first place. However, this story is about as extreme — and entertaining — as it gets.
Stock Schlueter and Paul Rickard, "on top of the world"

Bhutan: A Painter’s Dream

Stock Schlueter shares a day-by-day adventure of traveling to the remote land of Bhutan to paint en plein air for an entire month.
Extreme plein air painting - Amanda Morettini - OutdoorPainter.com

Why I Paint Landscapes From the Side of Cliff

This 23-year-old painter has figured out how to take her easel up the side of cliffs and through the branches of giant redwoods to dizzying heights. Here’s why.
International plein air painting

Video: Painting the Wilderness of the UAE

Follow Dubai-based plein air artist Matt Ryder as he heads into the deserts and mountains of Fujairah, Dubai Creek, Wadi Shawkha, Mleiha, and many other beautiful locations.

Going to Extremes: Plein Air Painting in a Rail Yard

An artist shares how he followed his muse and made his way into a rail yard to paint a burned out and abandoned train car.
Painting outdoors - OutdoorPainter.com

Caught on Camera: Airplane Nearly Hits Plein Air Painters

There is one certain fact about painting en plein air: You should expect the unexpected. Dana Zier explains.