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Discover the latest art news from the world of plein air painting, including recent winners, upcoming art events, art competition deadlines, and more!

LPAPA: Successfully Pivoting to Survive

The show must go on! Highlights of LPAPA's 2020 version its annual Invitational included creative twists, a unique Gala Art Show & Sale, and two Lifetime Achievement Awards, given to...

9th Annual PleinAir Salon Winners Announced – Live Online

Watch the PleinAir Salon announcements unfold and feel the excitement with us when you watch the 2020 version of a thrilling awards ceremony for these deserving artists.
Plein air painter Tobi Clement

Giving Back to the Bosque

This landscape artist believes it is a reciprocal exchange of energy to give back to a place that has provided so much artistic inspiration. Her passion for this refuge has inspired her to create an Artist Giving Back campaign.

You’re Invited!

Join us for the first ever online PleinAir Salon Art Competition Awards Ceremony. Watch live and discover who wins the $15,000 grand prize and the cover of PleinAir Magazine!
Plein Air Oil Toolkit

3 Supplies For Your Plein Air Oil Toolkit

Think you’ve got your plein air oil supply list nailed down? Think again. Landscape painter John Crump takes the myth out of some plein air oil painting conventional wisdom. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in plein air painting, you might be surprised by some of his hard-won findings.

The 7 “C”s Criteria for a Plein Air Judge

Minnesota plein air painter Bob Upton takes the responsibility of being a plein air competition judge seriously. Here, he outlines his seven “C”s criteria for judging artwork.
Plein air artists - OutdoorPainter.com

PleinAir Magazine to Honor Legendary Artist

This year at the Plein Air Convention and Expo, our coveted Lifetime Achievement Award will go to this Santa Fe artist...
Kathleen Dunphy

LPAPA Positive Postcard Art Auction

Right now, you have the opportunity to bid on an artist who will paint an original 5″ x 7″ LPAPA Strong & Positive Postcard.
Plein Air Magazine

Plein Air Events: Updates

As upcoming plein air events are rescheduled in the interest of public health, we'll keep you updated so you can plan accordingly.
Kelly Kane, Editor-in-Chief, PleinAir Magazine

How Can We Help?

Now, more than ever, we all are turning to our friends, and so we are writing to remind you that we are your allies.
Laguna Plein Air painting

LPAPA: 16th Annual Best of Plein Air Exhibition

This Laguna Plein Air Painters Association exhibition features original works of art created by​ Signature and Artist Members ​of LPAPA.
Art competitions - PleinAir Salon

PleinAir Salon December/January 2020 Winners Revealed

Diane Waterhouse, owner of Waterhouse Gallery, has revealed her selections for the winners in the PleinAir Salon bi-monthly competition.
Artist Michael J. Lynch to Be Honored with PleinAir Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award

Artist Michael J. Lynch to Be Honored with PleinAir Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award

“I was extremely surprised and pleased upon learning that I had been selected..." Lynch said. "Considering the great number of artist friends and colleagues who are undoubtedly more deserving of this recognition than I am, I consider it a great honor and am deeply appreciative."
Plein air painting with children - OutdoorPainter.com

Plein Air Force: Introducing Children to Plein Air Painting

Oregon art instructor Hyon Fielding taught dozens of children the importance and benefits of plein air painting. Here, she offers 10 pieces of advice on the topic.
1st Place: Tom Brown, “Until the Cows Come Home”

Announcing the LPAPA Town and Country Winners

The Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA) recently hosted “Town & Country – Where the Cities Meet the Pastures,” a juried art show. Discover the winning paintings here.

OPPORTUNITY: Artist Residency in Montana

Like the idea of staying in a remote cabin for two weeks and painting in nature? Find out how you can apply for this 2020 Artist Residency.

Top 10 Reasons to Enter the PleinAir Salon

Need a reason to enter the PleinAir Salon at the end of this month? We’ll give you 10.
Plein air convention - OutdoorPainter.com

The State of the Plein Air Movement

Learn about the massive trends we’re seeing, and how you can help grow this historic movement.
PleinAir Salon art competitions - Susan Hediger Matteson - OutdoorPainter.com

Oct/Nov 2019 PleinAir Salon Winners Revealed

Laura Grenning, owner of Grenning Gallery, has revealed her selections for the winners in the PleinAir Salon bi-monthly competition.
PleinAir Salon - winter landscape painting - OutdoorPainter.com

Cool Whisper: A Winter Landscape Painting

“The environment stimulates your senses as you breathe the fresh air, taking in all the sights and sounds; a truly awe inspiring and humbling experience,” says the artist. “My paintings are my personal response to these surroundings…”
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