Scott Jones, Associate Publisher, Streamline Publishing

You may know Scott Jones from his 10 years as general manager of the world-renowned Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. Eric Rhoads and our Streamline art team now welcome him as associate publisher / Western regional marketing manager for Plein Air, Fine Art Connoisseur, and Artists on Art magazines.

“As publisher, I can say he is one of very few people with whom I did not have to think twice about sharing my title,” publisher Eric Rhoads said.

In addition to his solid art sales experience, Scott has experience in the auction world, is an accomplished public speaker and art salon juror, and was formerly president and COO of Saddleman, Inc., a manufacturer of automotive accessories for which he oversaw growth from $10 million in sales to approaching $100 million in sales.

“I am excited to join the Streamline Publishing team,” Scott said. “It will provide me an ongoing opportunity to work closely with artists and their artwork, galleries, art organizations, and museums. I am grateful for that, and I look forward to it.”

Anne Weiler-Brown -
Anne Weiler-Brown (left) giving the Fine Art Connoisseur award to Zoe Dufour (right), winner of the Richard McDermott Miller Competition at the National Sculpture Society’s annual conference two weeks ago in Brookgreen Garden, South Carolina.

Scott joins Streamline as Anne Weiler-Brown begins the next phase of her life. After six years on the sales team and in a high-level advisory role, Anne says she plans to fill her days with sculpture classes, traveling, writing, and volunteering with some of her favorite organizations:  the Salmagundi Club and the National Sculpture Society. “My fabulous experience working with the Streamline team has brought relationships to further my 50 years in the art world,” Anne says, “and I will continue to enjoy attending art shows and auctions.”

“Anne has been a huge asset to our company, and has brought us tremendous credibility and access to some incredible people,” Eric said. “Frankly, I was worried about how we could possibly fill her shoes. I want to thank Anne for her friendship, her dedication, and for helping us accomplish previously impossible things. We’ll always consider her a team member, and if and when she gets tired of retirement, she can always come home.”

About Scott Jones

I describe myself as a passionate “art fanatic,” having purchased my first painting at the age of 16. My parents thought I was crazy to spend all of my summer’s earnings of $650 on a painting. I enjoy it even more today! I painted watercolors as a teenager with my good friend’s father — Richard Van Wagoner — who later become the head of the Art Department at Weber State College. I won the State High School Art Competition at the Springville Art Museum in Utah, and my watercolor painting of Delicate Arch was used by the ABC News affiliate in Salt Lake City as their 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. Channel 4 News logo for a number of months. It was a little embarrassing listening to my mother call friends and family for weeks to turn on the news.

I opted to study business management at Weber State. Dr. Van Wagoner was gracious enough to allow me to audit art classes, which continued to develop my interest in drawing, painting, and art history. I chose a career path that took me to Purdue University for a master of science degree in management. I am the former president and COO of Saddleman, Inc., an automotive accessories company based in Logan, Utah, with 650+ employees and manufacturing plants in six states, China, Indonesia, and Mexico. I traveled extensively and tied many of my business trips to art gallery shows and museum exhibitions. Outside of work, I always enjoyed studying artists and following their artwork and sales. Collecting continued to be a passion.

Many years ago, I told my young daughters that they would know I was retired when I was in Jackson Hole selling artwork. That opportunity came much earlier than I expected when one of my favorite galleries became my employer following the sale of our companies. I will always cherish my 10+ years as general manager of Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale, Jackson Hole, and Bozeman.

I am passionate about artists and their success. I have enjoyed speaking at many art organization events, universities, and ateliers around the country about the business of art. I have also relished the challenge of judging a number of art organization events, salons, and various art competitions. I truly enjoy the social media contacts I have with thousands of artists all around the world. My wife occasionally asks me if I will ever get tired of looking at art. Not a chance…

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  1. Congratulations to Scott and all of my best to Anne! I have always been impressed by Scott’s passion for art and artists ever since running into him out on the Gros Ventre River one morning where I was painting. He was there bright and early, before he went into work at Legacy Gallery just to check out all of the artists who were painting in the park that morning! That to me, spoke volumes about Scott’s passion for art!!! Congratulations Plein Air Magazine!

  2. Welcome Scott! Congratulations on your new position and I look forward to working with you at Plein Air Magazine. Farewell to Anne, you have done so much for the artist community. I am happy to see you catch your breath for a minute and do some things you’ve been wanting to do for a long time. All the best to both of you.

  3. This is a wonderful fit! Scott, congratulations and can’t wait to visit with you. Happy trails and we’ll be seeing you at many art events in the near future! Warmly from Wyoming, Karen Zahn-Anderson

  4. Fabulous news! Inspired pairing! Congratulations to Scott and Eric and Streamline. I foresee innovative, creative, artistic ideas and visions for the art world’s future with the melding of two exceptional art lovers and mastermind marketing gurus in our art community. There are exciting times ahead for artists, collectors and everyone who loves the world of art. (I probably overdid the adjectives but this is an over the top announcement and it was difficult to control my enthusiasm!) All the best to all of you.


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