Although we love our art stores, you may find yourself unhappy with store bought watercolor paint. If you want more vibrant and rich color with deeper darks, watch this episode of Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, as he welcomes guest artist Stewart White.

how to make watercolor paint
Watch the video below to learn how to make watercolor paint

In this demo, Stewart shares the simple secrets to making your own paint, and how to do a first color wash on a large sheet of watercolor paper. This session is a dream come true for watercolor artists.

“It’s so simple you would not believe it,” Stewart said.

Stewart is also featured in the art video workshop, “Painting Architecture in Watercolor.”

Watch > Secrets to Making Your Own Watercolor Paint with Stewart White


If you want to go outside, pick a popular landmark or idyllic countryside, and just start painting or sketching confidently, then “Painting Architecture in Watercolor” is for you.

No more hiding or hoping nobody sees you working at your easel. Even if strangers start to watch, you’ll confidently pursue your art.

 A scene from Stewart White's "Painting Architecture in Watercolor" workshop
A scene from Stewart White’s “Painting Architecture in Watercolor” workshop

Learn more about using watercolor paint for city scenes here.

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