Winter to Spring by David Grant Dean
$ 1600
12 x 16 in.
Oil on linen
Available for purchase at

Living in the Uinta Mountains of Utah provides David with a playground of endless scenes to explore and capture on canvas. His outdoor studio encompasses its own unique sounds and smells and a sense of creative power while painting en plein air. Rivers, lakes, mountains, pastures, and old homesteads are among David’s varied subjects as he strives diligently to depict not only the subject but the spirit within the subject.

In his earlier years, David received advice from his late Great Uncle Avard Fairbanks who was a renowned sculptor: “A laborer works with his hands, a craftsman works with his hands and his mind but an artist works with his hands, his mind and his soul.”

David has been given the opportunity in life to work in a variety of mediums including clay, marble, ink, watercolor and charcoal, yet he feels strength in oils. For him this medium is both forgiving and has great mobility.

“There are many aspects of art that I strive to achieve but the most important thing I can achieve, I believe, is to bring to the viewer enjoyment or a ‘feel good’ state of being.
When I choose a scene to replicate it is important to me that I am connected to my subject and my surroundings.”

Not only is David enriched by his occupation as an artist but by the numerous opportunities he has been given to teach. He is also grateful for his many associations with other artists and the gift of collaboration as they share knowledge and insights to not only grow as individual artists, but as a whole – furthering the art world not only to be profitable but to be masterful and rich.

Davids work can be seen hanging in the following galleries:
Montgomery Lee Fine Art
608 Main Street, Park City, UT

15th Street Gallery
1519 1500 E , Salt Lake City, UT

Native Gallery
10 West Broadway Jackson Hole WY

Upcoming Events and Shows:
Zions Bank Invitational Provo UT May 15, 2020
MAA Plein Air Paradise Competition and Sale Midway, UT June 25th – July 4th
Driggs Plein Air Event Driggs, Idaho July 22 – Aug 1 2020
Jackson Hole Art Festival 2020 September 9 – 20
WPAP Workshop Midway, UT Sept 16 – 19