A scene from Charlie Easton's acrylic landscape painting demo
A scene from Charlie Easton's acrylic landscape painting demo

Live Acrylic Demo: Eric Rhoads Interviews Charlie Easton

Charlie Easton is an outdoor painter and explorer based in Vancouver, Canada. In the video below, he explains why there are benefits of painting landscapes with acrylic, even if you normally paint outdoors with oils.

Learn the importance of shadow patterns in mountain scenes; how to get a lot done quickly; and build off your plein air acrylic painting with finishing touches in oil.


A glimpse inside Charlie's studio with acrylic paintings
A glimpse inside Charlie’s studio
Charlie, painting at Barkley Sound
Charlie, painting at Barkley Sound; image from https://www.facebook.com/charlieeastonartist

In an earlier interview with Charlie, he shared: “What a lot of people don’t tell you with plein air painting is that YOU WILL ALWAYS GET YOUR BUTT KICKED BY MOTHER NATURE! So many instructional videos tell you that you can ‘master this’, and ‘master that’…mmm. You can get better for sure, and you can improve your technique and process, but you have to also paint on location to achieve mastery of places like this. I don’t think that is pessimistic, quite the opposite, it means that there is always something to look forward to, to work on, and to inspire you to get better. You have to distill, simplify, and hone in on the very few elements of a scene that make it so impressive – you just don’t have time to do anything else.”

Connect with Charlie Easton and see more of his work at charlieeaston.com.

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