Giants of Little America
Oil on canvas

Sprung from a snowbank in Wisconsin, representational painter Marc Anderson endeavors to articulate the light and form of the Midwestern landscape in oil. With an education and professional background in illustration, he relies on accurate draftsmanship to set the foundation for his work. Good drawings beget good paintings. To combat a drawing that is tired and overworked, Marc’s economy of brushstrokes adds punch and nuance where there might be a tendency to get bogged down in detail.

Given that light, or the lack thereof, is one of the most informative pieces of visual information for a painter, Marc pays close attention to value and color temperature. He also utilizes a combination of thin, translucent washes and thick, impasto paint application to achieve a painting that really glows.

In 2018, Marc was awarded Best in Show at the Cedarburg, WI and Mineral Point, WI plein air competitions as well as at Suncoast Artfest in Tampa, FL and the River Arts Festival in Memphis, TN, among other awards and honors.

While Marc does embrace the wintery charms of Wisconsin, the 31-year old snowbird heads south for a winter tour of Florida every year with a variety of shows and plein air events.

Visit Marc’s website to see his full body of work or to see upcoming events.
You can also find Marc on Instagram and Facebook.