“Sunset Over Hameau Farm”
plein air pastel
16 x 20 in.

​About the artist:
Susan Nicholas Gephart
​is an award-winning​ plein air​ and studio painter, whose work can be found in​ ​permanent collections across the ​US​.​​​ Susan’s deep appreciation of the earth and art, began a​t​ a young ​age​It is capture​d​ ​in ​the emotion of ​the ​moment​,​ in​​ ​colorful​ ​impressionistic pastels and oils​.​
For the last forty years Susan’s passion to ​paint has been balanced with her gift of inspiring others as a professional instructor.  Her unique exploration of color, texture, and atmosphere, ​has captivated the backing of ​numerous national art supply companies​. She is a ​Dedicated Workshop Instructor for Gamblin Oils, a multi medium product demonstrator for​ Jack Richeson & Co. Inc., and demonstrates Sennelier and Unison Pastels.  Susan will attend the 5th Annual Plein Air Convention in Tucson, and be honored her third year to plein air paint with Gambin Oils and Sennelier Pastels.
Susan’s ​Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreats​​ are registering now for the 18th Annual May​ 9-15​ and October​ 6-9, Paint-out Events in Central PA. ​ Advertising in Pastel Journal, PleinAir Magazine, and Fine Art Connoisseur, ​Hameau ​Artist ​Retreats ​have become the ​​gathering place for artists of all levels​ ​and mediums to create in a nurturing environment. The unique studio, variety of landscape views, great food, and camaraderie compel artists to return. From the beginner to the professional, Hameau captures and inspires the creative spirit. What sets this retreat apart from other workshops is the unique opportunity for attendees to explore fine artist quality products from the “Sponsors Table”. 
This year the annual Hameau Retreat’s, “Artist Gala Reception and Exhibition” is Saturday, May 14th, 7-10pm. It will feature the plein air works of participating artists from across the country, created during the May retreat.  Susan Nicholas Gephart is a lifetime advocate of plein air painting and co-founder of the Plein Air Painters of Central PA.(PAPCP). The 2016 Gala Event will be juried and the first official exhibition of PAPCP. This event includes fine food, art, and live music, and is free and open to the public. It is fast becoming a gathering for artists to share their plein air art with collectors of landscape painting.
Artist Statement:
All my life I have been inspired by the color and beauty of our fragile earth environment. I strive to capture and convey a spiritual message of nature’s important connection to man.  Working on location outdoors, en plein air” whether in pastels or oils, allows for spontaneity and directness. During the process of creating, the idea of “Fear No Art” is a reminder that it is okay to step into unknown territory, take risks, and allow for discovery. There is an inner peace and balance in response to my mind’s interactions to the landscape that continually rejuvenates my love of painting Sky, Water, and Earth. 

Artist Website: ​www.snicholasart.com
Email:  ​[email protected]
Phone: 814-360-2116 ​
Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreat: http://snicholasart.com/blog/?p=515
​May 9-​ May 15 , Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreat, Belleville, PA
Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreat, “Artist Gala Reception and Exhibition”, Saturday, May 14th, 7-10pm., Belleville, PA
​October 6-9​, ​Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreat, Belleville, PA

​Langman Gallery, Willow Grove, P​A, http://www.langmangallery.com/about.html
​The State College Framing Co & Gallery​, State College, PA,www.framingstatecollege.com 
​The Portal Institute​, Susquehanna, PA.  ​www.portal-found.com
Susan Nicholas Gephart
Hameau Farm Studio Artist Retreats Coordinator
Jack Richeson Certified Instructor & Product Demonstrator
Sennelier Demonstrator
Gamblin Oil Dedicated Workshop Instructor
Central PA Pastel Society Signature Member
Farmland Preservation Artist
Plein Air Painters of Central PA Co-founder


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