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A word from one of our sponsors, with advice on how to paint a landscape.

Now is the perfect time to invest in bettering your painting and drawing skills. Each day at 3pm Eastern, during most of the quarantine period, Streamline Art Video will be giving you “Artist of the Day” segments live on Facebook to give you something to do and learn. (Like the page here for updates and more free art videos!)

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Imagine a beach scene that is painted so well, you can actually feel the warmth of the sun. This is exactly the kind of landscape paintings John MacDonald will help you create.

how to paint landscapes John MacDonald
Click this image to watch the free demonstration on how to paint a landscape

Paintings that allow your viewers to feel as though they’re in the scene. To paint at this level, you must study with a master who has conquered the nuances of light, the energy of nature, and who knows the perfect balance of color. One of today’s most successful artists and a world-class instructor, John has helped many top artists advance their careers and he can help you, too! how to paint landscapes John MacDonald

See the full video on how to paint landscapes here.

No matter what level or type of artist you are, the benefits you can glean from John MacDonald’s deep dive into process are invaluable. While there are numerous lessons that examine specific materials and teach little-known techniques, few explore in such depth the very essentials of painting. Any artist will come to a greater appreciation for and understanding of what makes for a successful painting. Although based in the fundamentals, MacDonald provides tips around subjects even the most expert painters can appreciate, including:

  • Composition, values, color, edges, and details
  • The pros and cons of using photographs for reference
  • The pros and cons of plein air painting
  • Copying photos versus creating a painting
  • The five components of a painting

Remember ~ See the full video on how to paint landscapes here.

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