We begin a new series of close-up details of plein air paintings that can suggest ways of handling oils, watercolors, pastels, and other media on location. In this issue, an artist allows us to get right up next to their paintings so we can get a better sense of how they were created.

A detail photograph of the surface of the painting

Californian Eric Merrell sent us close-up photographs of one of his paintings, a nocturne that reveals the richly textured surface. Those luscious, impasto strokes of oil color are much less evident in the full reproduction of the painting.

Another detail of Merrell’s “A Place of Stillness.”

We invite you to send us detail photographs (as well as the full image) of one of your paintings if you think others might gain an greater insight into your working procedures from making a closer examination of the painting surface. For more information, visit www.ericmerrell.com.


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