painting landscapes -
"Homeward" by Steve Curry

A moment with landscape painter Steve Curry:

My story starts like most. As a kid I always drew and created, but I was lucky enough to have grown up in a family of artists. In college I planned to study illustration but was quickly recruited into the graphic design program, then worked for some of the top LA agencies of the early ‘80s.

After six years of working for others, I set out to build my own design agency, which eventually gained a great roster of big name clients. Around 2000 the industry had declined and it was time to hang it up and figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life.

I dabbled in some real estate ventures but my heart was not into it and I was just beginning to paint, but I wondered how on earth I would ever be able to earn any income from that.

Little by little, doing all the steps of hanging in there and not giving up, starting with the little art shows and competitions, I slowly gained ground and 20 years later here we are: at this stage of my career, I’m never fully arriving but always learning.

Steve Curry in an interview with Eric Rhoads
Steve Curry in an interview with Eric Rhoads

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