Marketing Specialist

Please email a cover letter and resume to Katie Reeves at [email protected]

Job summary:
Senior Marketing Specialists are responsible for meeting or exceeding sales goals by identifying sales opportunities and building strong relationships with existing clients and prospects. Marketing Specialists will call on artists, galleries, museums, art organizations, and businesses related to the art world to consult on building business and brands through print, digital and event platforms. Marketing Specialists will be expected to accurately and within deadline complete all reports and paperwork, keep comprehensive notes using Magazine Manager, and provide stellar customer service.

1. Meet or exceed sales goals.
2. Must conduct effective needs analysis and provide consulting with solutions to clients
using Streamline products and marketing channels.
3. Engage in regular communication with clients while providing excellent customer service.
4. Monitor billing and collection status of accounts and assist with collection of outstanding
and/or past due invoices.
5. Accurately and within deadline complete and submit all reports and paperwork.
6. Communicate regularly with management providing updates on sales progress,
problems, or other issues that directly impact sales.
7. Maintain accurate notes/records including client activity and engagement using account
management system.
8. Attend and actively participate in scheduled meetings.
9. Seek opportunities to develop relationships and strategic alliances through memberships
and/or participation in events, clubs, organizations, and groups.
10. Attend client and company events which could include working weekdays, weekends, or
evenings, as required, to increase business, and/or promote and represent Streamline Publishing
to our audiences.
11. Work co-operatively with employees and management at all Streamline Publishing entities.
12. Represent Streamline Publishing Inc. in a positive, professional manner at all times.

Skill Set:
1. Strong interviewing skills, with outstanding listening skills
2. Strong organizational skills
3. Strong time management skills
4. Understanding of the marketplace and ability to analyze data.
5. A willingness to actively seek out prospects and ability to qualify them swiftly and accurately.
6. Effective communication skills, both oral and written.
7. The ability to work efficiently while working remotely.
8. Demonstrated ability and desire to achieve and/or exceed goals.

Management reserves the right to revise job descriptions at their discretion