Plein air oil paintings - Stewart White
Stewart White, "Boats in Collioure," oil on paper, 12 x 16

In this, the first-ever live recording of the PleinAir Art Podcast, Eric Rhoads interviews watercolor artist Stewart White.

White’s painting “St. John’s Church, Richmond” was a grand prize winner in a previous PleinAir Salon. Listen as he shares how this has impacted his career and how the prize itself became his own motivation, and opened his life to new opportunities that he says he wouldn’t have otherwise attempted.

When painting mediums come up in the conversation, you’ll learn what White says are the benefits of watercolor compared to oil. He admits that watercolor has its own drawbacks, is demanding, and isn’t easy to do well, but that one of the pros is how light comes through the paint and is reflected off the canvas, similar to how light comes through stained glass.

And of course, don’t miss the premiere live audience Q&A!

Listen to PleinAir Art Podcast Episode 76: Stewart White:

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