PleinAir Art Podcast - Scott Christensen -
Work by plein air artist Scott Christensen

In this week’s PleinAir Art Podcast with Eric Rhoads, listen to a captivating conversation with Scott Christensen. The two met on a fine art cruise to Russia in 2008, on a trip that Christensen calls “a defining moment” in his life.

They go on to discuss Christensen’s upbringing, his battles with art teachers, and his own “major breakthrough.” He also addresses reframing your thinking; learning to see with and developing your critical eye; as well as art art workshops and the teaching process.

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Listen to PleinAir Art Podcast with Eric Rhoads, featuring Scott Christensen here:

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  1. Just listened to Scott Christensen… amazing! I had no idea that Scott was such a bright and truly humble guy. With all that he has accomplished, it was extraordinary to hear him always questioning , how to improve, how to be a better artist… I’m so impressed! His story about the Russian Museum was spectacular! Thanks again,Eric! You are providing an extraordinary service!

  2. Just listened to Scott’s podcast. I’ve always admired his work. Really one of the best landscape artist living today. I’ve made my living as an artist and musician/vocalist almost all of my working career. Strangely enough my high school years I wanted to play college football but was injured and could not fulfill my college football dreams. I look at it as God had another plan for my life. At any rate I’ve followed Scott’s work for many years and picked up a few tips by observing his work. Thank you Eric for your work as well.

  3. What I could make out is good content. We both will listen to him tomorrow on a desktop as Scott’s phone garbled some and believe we can make it out tomorrow. I am interested in ‘break-through’! Some of what I heard meshes with Bill Davidson’s SOAR presentation. Still can’t think all of you for such a great SOAR. I’ll be adding kudos to the next FB advert.


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