In this episode of the PleinAir Podcast, Publisher Eric Rhoads chats with adroit plein air painter Don Demers. Among a range of topics, Demers and Rhoads discuss the artist’s thoughts on marine subjects in art, how to conceptualize illustration, and focusing on the “Why” of his work.

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  1. This was an outstanding podcast with Don Demers. How could water be painted in any other way than from full ranging observation…..spiritually, intuitively, and emotionally, then based on the best technical skills possible? This was powerfully articulated in this podcast. Authentic, sincere, refreshing. REAL. So good to hear this. I was hanging on every word and quickly writing notes. Thank you so much, Eric and Don! What insight! You both nailed it. And we all get to learn from it. Much appreciation. Patti

  2. Sept2, 2016
    Val Payne

    I had the pleasure of meeting Don Demers when he lectured and demonstrated his skill at the Monterey Plein Aire Convention.
    This pod cast was so meaningful for me to really get to know this creative man, discovering his philosophies on art, life and oneness with nature.
    I felt I was in the room with him and able to emotionally revel in his powerful words for the academic, spiritual and creative nature of painting. I was lucky to come home from that fabulous convention with a Demer demonstration painting. However, it was not titled. Thank you Eric for your thought provoking questions for Don. My piece now has a title “Reverence for a Wave” Thank you for these wonderful podcasts to keep the spirit of outdoor painting alive.
    Arfully Yours, Valerie Payne


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