In this episode of the PleinAir Podcast, Publisher Eric Rhoads interviews the accomplished plein air painter Peggi Kroll Roberts. Rhoads and Roberts have an entertaining discussion about the artist’s journey to national success, which involved a breakthrough art show and prevailing through hard times. We know you’ll be inspired after listening to this!

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  1. Dear Eric,
    Thank you very much for this outstanding podcast with Peggy Kroll-Roberts. She has been such an encouraging influence in my choice to pursue the process of painting.
    Peggy answered the phone last Fall when I called to inquire about her instructional videos, at a point in my painting when I was feeling thwarted. Her encouragement and kindness led me to newfound joy in simply doing the fun painting “skills-n-drills” exercises in her videos using a variety of media from acrylics, to gouache, to oil pastels, to oils. I can grab whatever material I choose and do her drills and really learn something by exercise my painting, drawing, and “seeing” muscles. My favorite work is in my canvas pads full of these warm up exercises, done freely, with no sense of pressure to produce a painting.
    I have given Peggy’s patented MVP(mirror-value checker-compositional planner) tool to several friends as gifts, and frankly I’d put it on a gift list for every new painter, since it is on a lanyard, and they are not likely to lose it! I strung it around my neck and wore it during all of the PACE 2017 demos including Quang Ho’s two day workshop, so I was able to see values and assess composition from my seat back in the audience, while listening and watching the demos! Peggy is so humble and I am shocked she never once mentioned her outstanding skill building teaching tools during this podcast! Please share that Peggy has developed excellent short videos to train painters! Her encouragement and highly “skill building” teaching tools have given me just the really applicable and understandable practice exercises that I need and use all the time as a new painting enthusiast! Thank you Peggy!


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