“Land of Abundance” by John Potoschnik

“Land of Abundance”

35 x 65 in.




The paintings of John Pototschnik (Poe-toe-sh-nick) bring into focus an “America We All Love”…an America of small towns, farms, and countryside that evokes a sense of family, love of God and neighbor, peace, security, hard work, harvest, and abundance.

Of his work, Pototschnik says, “My paintings are not flamboyant, mysterious, trendy or shocking, but I am interested in depicting the truth about life as I see it, in a naturalistic way fee of frills and bravado. I enjoy depicting simple, common, everyday life and its objects as things of beauty and worth. My intent is to show the dignity and value of the subjects I paint, giving to society paintings that transcend the culture and its ever changing values…paintings that speak to the heart.”

His work has appeared in The Artist’s magazine, Southwest Art, American Artist, PleinAir magazine, American Art Collector, and International Artist, plus seven books: The Best of Portrait Painting, 200 Great Painting Ideas for Artists, Expressing the Visual Language of the Landscape, 100 Ways to Paint Landscapes, 100 Ways to Paint Flowers and Gardens, 100 Ways to Paint Seascapes, Rivers and Lakes, and Art Journey America: Landscapes. He’s also recognized in Who’s Who in American Art and Who’s Who in the Southwest. Liliedahl Art Videos has just released a 15-hour instructional DVD of his working methods, “Limited Palette Landscapes.”

He is a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America, Master Signature Member of the Outdoor Painters Society, and in 2013 was recognized by the Art Renewal Center as an Associate Living Master.

His work may be purchased through Abend Gallery in Denver and Southwest Gallery in Dallas. Southwest Gallery will be hosting “Local Masters”, featuring the work of John Cook and Pototschnik through the month of June. The show opens on May 12, 2017.

See more of John’s work at www.pototschnik.com or email him at  [email protected]


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