PleinAir Podcast: John Singer Sargent Expert Richard Ormond
John Singer Sargent in studio

The latest PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads features Richard Ormond, the leading authority on (and a blood relative of) John Singer Sargent. Ormond’s grandmother was Sargent’s sister, with whom Sargent travelled throughout his life. Ormond grew up knowing her until she died when he was 16.

John Singer Sargent

Ormond was the former Deputy Director of the National Portrait Gallery in London from 1975 to 1983, after which he became the Director of the National Maritime Museum in London until 2000.

In this podcast, Ormond discusses how Sargent came to have a great dislike for portraits, when he began referring to them as “paughtraits” at a certain point in his career. He also tells us that there are still undiscovered Sargent works that show up — Ormond is specifically calling for yet unseen charcoal drawings. He heads a vetting committee to handle the difficult process of weeding out potential false claims and submissions.

Listen to the podcast below to learn more about Richard Ormond and John Singer Sargent:

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  1. THANK YOU Richard Ormond and Erik for an exciting and fascinating podcast…..I am a huge fan of Sargent and fell in love with his work 40 years ago while a student at the CHICAGO ART INSTITUTE!!!.. When modern art was the rage I was more interested in Andrew Wyeth and John Sargent…
    Was Violet ever an aritst, painter??
    Living and painting the eastern Sierras for the past 30 years, I hope to be back in Chicago in June2018 for the SARGENT exhibit!!…WOW!.I am soooooo excited to see his work again..last time it was at the Crocker museum in Sacramento..his Madame X painting was larger than life.!!!…it left me breathless!!..thank you both again for making my day!!!

  2. We have 6 of Mr. Ormond’s books. They are absolutely beautiful. The plates are as close to perfect as possible.. which is really appreciated if you love Sargent’s work. Thank you Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Ormond.


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