PleinAir Podcast - Michael Obermeyer -
Artist Michael Obermeyer, featured in the PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads, Episode 139

In this week’s PleinAir Podcast, Eric Rhoads welcomes landscape painter Michael Obermeyer as a guest. A native of Southern California, Obermeyer received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration at California State University, Long Beach. His 20-year career in illustration included works for Disney Studios, the Anaheim Angels, McDonnell Douglas, Coldwell Banker, and the United States Air Force. Many of his paintings are in the U.S. Air Force Historical Art Collection in the Smithsonian Institute and the Pentagon.

Listen as Michael Obermeyer shares the following:
• The value of plein air paintings versus studio works
• The process of developing as a painter
• A creative way to use a palette knife
• How his background in illustration informed his landscape painting
• Knowing what to leave out in a plein air landscape
• What it was like to work for the Air Force as an artist

Memorable Quotes:

On painting atmosphere: “When I’m driving … no matter where I’m going, I’m always painting in my mind.”

What he tells his art students: “Paint like your hair is on fire.”

On painting for the U.S. Air Force: “God bless the Air Force for recognizing the arts.”

Bonus: This week’s PleinAir Podcast includes a Marketing Minute!
Eric Rhoads, author of Make More Money Selling Your Art, explains:
• If you should separate your marketing/website for multiple artistic endeavors, such as painting and sculpting
• How to get your website in front of more people

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  1. why has this pleinair movement blossomed??? IMHO it’s because there are sooo may of us who have to have a creative outlet…and are now able to paint in our retirement…the BOOMERS!! have arrived!!…I went back to pleinair painting in 1998 with a workshop with TMNicholas in Lake Tahoe!!!…changed my life….since then many workshops with Jean Legassick, George Strickland, Pete Adams, Kevin selling thru galleries and online..the LOVE of the outdoors is in everyone especially artists!!!
    Thank you Erik rhodes and all these artists-I’ve listened to 136 podcasts since the very beginning- also have a subsription to PLEINAIR magazine since the beginning!!…and I LOVE Michael’s artwork….stunningly beautiful! sincerely, carol Grigus NATURE the best teacher in the world!!
    “the mountains are calling and I must go.” john muir.


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