Landscape painter Amery Bohling

Enjoy an inspirational quote from landscape painter Amery Bohling.

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Preview Bohling’s four-hour video workshop, “How to Paint the Grand Canyon,” below. Whether you have been to the Grand Canyon or not, you know it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It’s that very sense of awe … and wonder … that artists seek to portray. Isn’t that what you hope to achieve each time you put brush to canvas?

Amery is a member of the “Grand Canyon 7,” a group of artist friends who paint there regularly. “The Canyon,” as they call it, has become their obsession. You don’t need to make it your obsession, but this remarkable video will fuel your own passion for painting by ramping up your skills fast – skills that will go on to apply to your future work, no matter the subject.

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