“Forest Clearing Near Ghuguev, Ukraine,” by Ilya E. Repin, one of the Russian paintings that exceeded the pre-sale estimate in a recent auction

Sales of paintings by great Russian artists continue to break records, with Sotheby’s 2012 global total for auctions of Russian art reaching $63 million. Plan now to discover what’s happening today in Russian studios by signing up for PleinAir magazine’s Paint Russia tour, August 22-September 7, 2013 (www.paintrussia.com).

Veliky Ustyug, on the Sukhona River in Northwestern Russia

PleinAir magazine will provide a rare opportunity to paint and study painting in Russia with two master painters, one of whom is a professor at the Surikov Art Institute (part of the Russian Academy, founded by Catherine the Great). In August and September of 2013, we’ll visit artists and museums, paint in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and spend 10 days in intensive study in the Great Ustyug, a well-preserved historic area in the north of Russia, with beautiful landscapes and traditional Russian cabins. This is not a workshop, but a transformative event, offering strong one-on-one direction from Russian masters. An experience of a lifetime for painters, where you’ll upgrade your skills to a higher level. Attendance is limited. Reservations required by May 2013. Register TODAY for this extraordinary opportunity (www.paintrussia.com).

The Surikov Institute

“In a year in which Sotheby’s has exceeded the $1 billion benchmark for Russian art sold by the company in the past 10 years through auction sales, we are absolutely delighted with the results we have achieved during a week in November,” said Jo Vickery, senior director and head of the Russian Art department in London, on the results of Sotheby’s Russian Art Sales Series. Vickery continued, “The good health and direction of this market is demonstrated by the all-time-high sell-through rate of 89.3 percent by lot we established for an evening sale in this category, and the 26 percent series total increase on our May sales, as well as the continued stream of new buyers entering this market.”


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