Jove Wang, “Sunset at Monterey Bay,” oil on linen, 10 x 20 inches

American Legacy Fine Arts in Pasadena, California, recently opened a splendid exhibition of plein air works by some of the most collected and celebrated painters in the United States. Who’s included? Find out here.

“Fleeting Moments: Works En Plein Air” is a major exhibition of 60 works created by 26 nationally known painters. On view now through December 15, the exhibition surrounds all things plein air today, highlighting the continuing evolution and growth of painting outdoors to capture the ephemeral qualities of natural light.

Amy Sidrane, “Present Balance and Harmony, Portuguese Point, Rancho Palos Verdes,” oil on canvas, 12 x 9 inches
Bill Anton, “Near Kirkland, Arizona,” oil on linen, 9 x 12 inches

According to the gallery, “By concentrating on the most active and influential, as well as up-and-coming painters in this movement, the exhibition examines how skilled artists interpret spatiotemporal occurrences, i.e., events that happen in a split second of time and space, and connect those momentary experiences to universally-felt emotions.

Quang Ho, “Forest Path,” oil on copper, 16 x 10 inches
Nikita Budkov, “Forgotten Realms; Topanga Park,” oil on aluminum, 7 x 5 inches

“With ‘Fleeting Moments’, American Legacy Fine Arts joins the discourse of defining plein air (outdoor) painting to include elements of light and its momentary effects; the relationship of juxtaposed colors; and brushwork that is loose, lively, broad, or impasto. Smaller works may be completed in its entirety out-of-doors, while large-scale plein air paintings may be done in the studio with the use of on-location studies and color notes taken in nature.”

Joseph Paquet, “Ojibwe Sunrise,” oil on canvas, 28 x 40 inches
Tim Solliday, “California Spring Day, San Gabriel,” pastel, 20 x 14 inches

Artists represented in this must-see show include Peter Adams, Bill Anton, Nikita Budkov, Warren Chang, Christopher L. Cook, John Cosby, George Gallo, Quang Ho, Ramón Hurtado, Jean LeGassick, Jim McVicker, Stephen Mirich, Jennifer Moses, Michael Obermeyer, Joseph Paquet, Tony Peters, Daniel W. Pinkham, Scott W. Prior, Ray Roberts, Dan Schultz, Amy Sidrane, Mian Situ, Tim Solliday, Alexey Steele, William Stout, and Jove Wang.

To learn more, visit American Legacy Fine Arts.

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