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A recap of the “Arte in Loco: Horizons of a Genius” painting event in Florence, Italy, as contributed by Marta and Jon of Studio Peregrino.

Following the success of our inaugural event, “Arte in Loco: the Glass House,” which took place in the spectacular Liberty-era greenhouse known as the Tepidarium del Roster in Florence, Italy in 2020, it was with great pleasure that we accepted the opportunity to organize a very special new event, “Arte in Loco: Horizons of a Genius.” The day of landscape painting was held this past April 16th in Vinci, Tuscany, the birthplace of Leonardo, and was followed by an online contest for the best artworks, to be decided by public vote.

The event took place as part of Giorno di Leonardo 2023, the celebration of the life and works of Vinci’s most illustrious son, which is organized annually by the Pro Loco of Vinci. Participating artists, many hailing from the art ateliers of Florence, had the opportunity to paint en plein air in and around the picturesque ancient borgo where Leonardo’s story began, and the public looked on with curiosity as the creations took shape.

In addition to painting, the entire town was animated with parades, games, cultural and technological demonstrations, and many other activities. It was truly wonderful for us to have the chance to paint alongside all the artists who participated and to share in their passion for working outdoors in such a magical setting.

We are most grateful to, as well as our main sponsor PleinAir™ Magazine for offering fantastic prizes and helping us to create a truly unique contest. We also wish to thank the Pro Loco of Vinci for inviting us to participate and our other sponsors Mako Supply, Mabef, Rosemary & Co Brushes, and Landi Cornici. Finally big congratulations to our winning artists, Tanvi Pathare, Rolf Hellem, and Sheean Hanlan who were awarded first, second, and third prizes, respectively.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next event!
Marta & Jon
Studio Peregrino

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