Barb Walker, “Catching Up,” oil, 11 x 14 in., 2021. Available at Annual American Impressionist Society National Juried Exhibition, Mary Williams Fine Arts, Boulder, Co, September 15-October 22 (303)-938-1588

Barb Walker: Confession. I don’t always draw in preparation for a painting. Actually, almost never unless the light is so fleeting that a quick value sketch is needed. And yet I still keep picking up cute little sketch books as if to promise to start the advised practice. I’ve discovered that I don’t really want to “know” the subject calling me to paint. Capture the feeling, yes. I’ve been chasing a looser style for a few years now. Tackling subjects way beyond what I believe I can handle. And I think I’m having the most fun ever. “Darker, lighter, warmer, cooler” is the mantra that runs through my thoughts while painting – not “paint the thing.” Beyond a sketchy layout on the canvas the brush is dancing all over. First darks, some lights, some colors – warmer, cooler. Repeat. And so, for me, there comes a point that growth or finding my own voice happens in those solo moments between the artist, the paint, and the canvas. It’s okay to sit with yourself and push the boundaries. Go for it!

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oil painting of flowers on the ground with grass in the background, and objects in the foreground
Barb Walker, “Bouquet from a Friend,” oil, 12 x 9 in., 2022. Honorable Mention in the Outdoor Still Life Category, June 2022 PleinAir Salon Art Competition. Sold.
oil painting of tan house, by a walkway, blue sunset sky
Barb Walker, “Take Me to the Sea Again,” oil, 12 x 12 in., 2021. Available at Oil Painters of America Eastern Regional Exhibition, James R. Ross Fine Art, October 6 – 28, Indianapolis, In.