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Learn about what projects your fellow plein artists are up to, see online galleries of their landscape paintings, and more in these profiles!

Plein air painting - Hsin-Yao Tseng artist

Eastern Brush Techniques, Western Sensibility

Hsin-Yao Tseng combines Eastern brush techniques with a Western sensibility to create paintings that exude attitude and atmosphere.
picture of artist Ryan Jensen painting en Plein Air

Artist Spotlight: Ryan Jensen

How did you get started and develop your career? My earliest memories are of my family and including my father, a painter, and mother, a...
Olena Babak painting on location in Rocky Mountain National Park

Painting On Location: In Service of the Heart

Imbuing her work with the lessons of art history, this Maine oil painter takes advantage of amassed techniques and skills to stay in the moment and express her feelings about a scene.
Painting on location

When Painting on Location, What’s the Big Idea?

In this artist Q&A, Suzie Baker explains her process for painting on location, from "the big idea," to color, to how to assess a finished work.
Larry Cannon plein air painting

Artist Spotlight: Larry Cannon

How did you get started and then develop your career? Larry Cannon: I had one semester of watercolor during my architectural training but did not...
Lon Brauer plein air painter 041422

On Seeing – and Perceiving – as a Plein Air Artist

Loss of vision in one eye has taught this plein air painter that there's more to perception than seeing.
How to paint landscapes

How to Paint Landscapes: A Q&A with Kathleen Hudson

Kathleen Hudson (who is on the faculty of the Plein Air Convention) has been drawn to the landscape since childhood. Here, she explains her process of how to paint landscapes.
How to paint landscapes

What’s Your Mother Color?

A Q&A with Bob Rohm on the process of landscape painting, including his use of a "mother color."
frames for artists

A Day in the Life of … Jill Stefani Wagner

Today we're going on a tour with Jill Stefani Wagner, who takes us through a typical - and inspiring - day of being a professional artist.

Fleeting Moments: Plein Air Watercolor

Working quickly and directly, Joseph Zbukvic exploits all the qualities that make plein air painting with watercolor so unique.
Painting landscapes en plein air

Vantage Points: Part 1

There is something elemental and powerful about responding directly to nature. Ken Knight shares his approach to plein air painting.
Women artists - Brienne Brown captures a scene in watercolor.

Women Artists: From Competition to Compensation, and Everything in Between

What does it mean to be a woman in plein air? Brienne Brown shares her experiences in this article excerpt from Plein Air Magazine (April/May 2020)
Amery Bohling, painting the Grand Canyon en plein air

Painting the Grand Canyon en Plein Air: An Interview with Amery Bohling

Amery Bohling explains the importance (and joys) of working from life, composing a scene, creating scale, and more.
Plein air art history

Colorado’s First Female Resident Artist

As a plein air painter, you are part of one of the largest art movements in history. Learn about one of the women who helped start this movement in some way, and be inspired to continue your own journey.
Female artist painting at an evening venue

Artist Spotlight: Nancie King Mertz

Master & Eminent Pastelist Nancie King Mertz finds that light and shadow are the elements that “take her breath.”
Woman painting outdoors in Red Rocks Park

Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Riefenberg

Artist Jennifer Riefenberg is constantly reaching beyond her own boundaries on the eternal road to improvement and understanding of art in all forms.
Plein air painting on a beach

A Day in the Life of Mark Shasha

Welcome to our new "Day in the Life of ..." series for Plein Air Today, in which we feature one of today's master artists...
Woman artist in front of a painting on an easel

Artist Spotlight: Carol Strock Wasson

For Carol Strock Wasson, painting outdoors became a way of life, and she learned successful painting is no accident — its years of learning, painting, and connections with other artists.
Plein air watercolor how-to

Not Idle in Winter: Stewart White and Plein Air Watercolor

On plein air watercolor > Baltimore painter and PleinAir Salon Grand Prize winner Stewart White tells us what he does in the winter to keep...
Female artist in her studio with easel and paintings on the walls

Artist Spotlight: Barbara Coleman

Barbara Coleman traces her fine art career back to a startling moment in Rome when she was ten and shares how she then developed her career.
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