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Learn about what projects your fellow plein artists are up to, see online galleries of their landscape paintings, and more in these profiles!

Female artist in her studio with easel and paintings on the walls

Artist Spotlight: Barbara Coleman

Barbara Coleman traces her fine art career back to a startling moment in Rome when she was ten and shares how she then developed her career.
Oil painting of a country road with a cloudy sky

Artist Spotlight: Lee MacLeod

Lee MacLeod started out in the art world as an illustrator working on movie posters, book covers and game art before turning his attention to fine art.

Salon Winner Discusses His Array of Tools

Mark Boedges brings years of work and a honed selection of equipment with him to paint outdoors. Like what?
Photo of a female artist painting on a bluff by the ocean

Artist Spotlight: Mary McIntosh

After retirement in the film industry as a Set Decorator for some 42 years on the west coast, Mary was able to return to her first love of drawing and painting.
Female artist standing in front of a large painting on an easel in her studio

Artist Spotlight: Kami Mendlik

In the beginning, artist Kami Mendlik didn’t think of painting as her career, she just knew she needed to paint.
Pastel painting of clouds over a mountain and desert landscape

Artist Spotlight: Nancy Silvia

For pastel artist Nancy Silvia, she doesn’t consider what she does a “career,” but her life’s journey.
Male artist painting outdoors near a body of water

Artist Spotlight: Robert Green

Robert Green is a painter of the Alaskan Adventure. The day after he retired, he launched his "retirement career" as an artist.
Plein air art history - Albert Edelfelt

Finding Plein Air Inspiration in Finland, 1800s

A look at our plein air heritage as we feature a Finnish artist who was originally best-known for his portraits of royalty.
Oil painting of a dilapidated old building

Artist Spotlight: Barb Walker

Workshops, videos, painting with other painters, and countless hours looking at paintings in galleries and museums have been this artist’s never-ending education.
Watercolor painting of peaceful body fo water on a foggy morning

Artist Spotlight: Brienne M. Brown

For artist Brienne M. Brown, she made art a priority in her life, and instead of trying to find the time; she started to make the time to paint.
Andrew Borg and his plein air painting

A Scene Worth Its Salt

Malta painter Andrew Borg found beauty in a historical salt manufacturing compound. He explains his process and the site’s history here.
Artist sitting in his studio with framed paintings filling the wall

Artist Spotlight: Marc Anderson

Where did this artist get his start? As an art student in college, Marc got a summer job drawing caricatures at an amusement park and eventually drawing at county fairs around the Midwest.
Camille Pissarro, "The Boulevard Montmartre at Night" painting

Even An Eye Infection Didn’t Stop Him

When this famous artist began to suffer from a recurring eye infection that prevented him from working outdoors, he found a new way to paint the landscape.
Woman artist painting outdoors right near crashing waves

Artist Spotlight: Debra Joy Groesser

Debra Joy Groesser is drawn to almost any subject depending on the light, the color and the atmosphere. Many times, she’ll set out on a painting excursion with a specific place in mind only to have something else catch her eye on the way.
Woman artist standing in front of her painting.

Artist Spotlight: Sandi Pillsbury

“Each painting tells a story, an experience, a moment in time. I strive to invite the viewer to come closer.”
The Waterfall painting by Corot

Too Old for Impressionism?

This historic French artist tried to infuse his paintings with a vigorous ...
Acrylic painting of popsicle stand in a park

Artist Spotlight: Anne Blair Brown

For this artist there is no award, title, or amount of money that can compare to seeing lightbulbs go off in her students’ heads or the feeling of painting something that delights or moves someone.
Oil painting of a shed with sheep in front

Artist Spotlight: Carolyn Lindsey

Carolyn Lindsey finds that interpreting her vision sometimes goes well and she’s on cloud nine, and other times it’s a struggle, but there is always hope for the next painting!
Artist Michele Byrne painting outdoors in Santa Fe

Artist Spotlight: Michele Byrne

For Michele Byrne, her definition of success has changed over the years. “Today I’m seeking inner satisfaction. If a piece makes my heart sing, I know I’m one step closer to reaching my goals.”
Artist painting outdoors in a canoe

Artist Spotlight: Manon Sander

Manon Sander fell head over heels in love with painting, especially plein air because it turns painting into an adventure. She realized that in order to grow as an artist, she had to dedicate herself to painting exclusively.
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