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Learn about what projects your fellow plein artists are up to, see online galleries of their landscape paintings, and more in these profiles!

plein air artist

Are Your Colors Too Hot?

Primarily known as a painter of big game, Carl Rungius earned himself a revered position in the canon of plein air painting for his fidelity to ...
artist taking a photo of herself in her studio

Artist Spotlight: LAUREL DANIEL

How do you find inspiration? Laurel Daniel: Ever inspired by big skies and dramatic cloud dances, Laurel Daniel’s new work offers further insight into her...

Artist Spotlight: Lee MacLeod

How do you find inspiration? Lee MacLeod: As a landscape painter who gravitates to painting clouds, I live in the perfect place to find inspiration....
Artist posing for a photo while painting

Artist Spotlight: Lynn Dunbar Bayus

How did you get started and then develop your career? Lynn Dunbar Bayus: I was in advertising for 10 years and thought I’d go back...
Artist paining outdoors

Painting With Your Entire Body

Ryan Jensen fills 9-foot paintings with landscapes done on location. Here are the challenges, how and why he does it, and how being a Marine has informed his path as a professional artist.
Artist sitting, posing with his wall of painitngs

Artist Spotlight: Marc Anderson

How did you get started and then develop your career? Marc Anderson: I got my “professional” start as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator. I’d been...

Reader Spotlight on … Jill Knutson

"In a way I feel I am recording a bit of history. My resulting painting is then a record of what was."
plein air painting at the beach

It’s a Beach Thing

A Plein Air Today Reader Spotlight on ... Emily Neel
artist Kathleen posing for a photograph in front of ocean view painting

Artist Spotlight: Kathleen Gray Farthing

How did you get started and then develop your career? Kathleen Gray Farthing: While out painting, the question I am most often asked is, “How...
plein air watercolor painting of houses

Better With Time

Elements of wear and tear in Mat Barber Kennedy’s textural watercolors show signs of life and how we live it.

Artist Spotlight: Barb Walker

Barb Walker: Confession. I don’t always draw in preparation for a painting. Actually, almost never unless the light is so fleeting that a quick...
plein air painting at a campsite

A Day in the Life of … Mary Garrish

What's it like to be a pro artist who lives and works from an RV? Mary Garrish takes us a day-in-the-life plein air painting tour to find out.

Artist Spotlight: David Marty

How did you get started and then develop your career? David Marty: I was an art major in college but went into graphic design to...

Artist Spotlight: Tina Bohlman

How did you get started and then develop your career? Tina Bohlman: My mom & great grandmother were both gifted artists and luckily some of...

Artist Spotlight: Theodore Heublein

How do you find inspiration? Theodore Heublein: I am the first to paint underwater in the kelp beds of the Monterey area and Point Lobos...
plein air watercolors

Plein Air Watercolors with a Western Flair

Drawn to rural, gritty, and seemingly mundane subjects, Tim Oliver loves the authenticity, immediacy, and raw honesty of painting watercolors en plein air.

Artist Spotlight: Anne Blair Brown

What inspires you? Anne Blair Brown: I find inspiration everywhere. I do not necessarily paint “things”, but rather I focus on light, atmosphere, and color....
Plein Air Convention volunteer

A Volunteer with a Big Heart

In addition to painting beautiful landscapes that document a moment in time, plein air painters are out there making a big difference for individuals in many ways.

Artist Spotlight: Keary Kautzer

Where do you find inspiration for painting? Keary Kautzer: I find inspiration to do a painting from just about everywhere. It could be some flowers...
Painting with pastels - Molly Lipsher, "Brilliant Lineup," 2014, pastel, 6 x 24 in., private collection, plein air

Adventures in Pure Color with Pastels

Molly Lipsher finds pastel the perfect medium for capturing the light, colors, and textures of the Western landscape.
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